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  1. What a great feeling it is to be able to listed to a live stream of the greatest band of in world as they play their hearts out in Brussels and from the my living room while I work ?
  2. I purchased tickets for the Miami Show and only had the option to select credit card entry and when I went to change my dilvery option, I received a message stating that could not change my delivery method. Had anyone else had this issue for Miami? Is this the only option?
  3. Tonight is my night! I flew up from Fort Lauderdale,Fl. Boston is my home town and it makes sense for me too see the band here. I've seen every tour since 1983 and all have been in Boston or in the area. This is my Sort Of a Home Coming...
  4. I know this a thread for U2 in Chicago, but I want to express my excitement in the U.S. Supreme Courts decision to make same sex marriage legal nationally. I am a Gay American and I have been a loyal U2 fan since the early 80s. I was excited to see U2 celebrate the legalization of Marriage in Ireland and now its our turn to celebrate. Looking forward to seeing U2 in Boston on July 11th as a legally married gay American U2 fan. Thank you Bone, The Edge, Larry, and Adam for carrying me through some of the darkest times in my life.
  5. Bono- I hoppe you get well real soon and sending you positive energy. Be well real soon!!! Garry
  6. Hi Baja- Being a Boston native and also inspired by MLK and U2, what a great tribute to a man who changed the lives of so many Americans and people world wide. Also thank you U2 for givingus such a inspiring piece of music that brings chills up my spine everytime I here it. Peace- Garry, Boston, MA
  7. It was in 1981 or 1982. My brother came home telling about a band him and his friends saw at The Channel Night Club in Boston Massachusetts and he thought they were a band that I would of liked. I was very much into U.K. punk and new wave bands at the time and then I saw the video for New Years Day or Gloria on MTV and that is all it took. I've seen every tour since the War tour and will continue to follow the band until the end.
  8. A bad view for pre-sale first priority access 95.00 seats.
  9. Ditto here. I never been to Vegas and would be a great 1 year anniversary for me and my spouse.
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