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  1. nothing to do with box office...it's all fan run. Whole group who wants to be together find the person with the pen/paper and get a number. ...but best if day before..you have to show up for checkins or off the list. So if you can't be there for the scheduled check ins (to be determined close to show) don't get a number. IF on day of show just show up and stay in line, can go for bathroom/short breaks....but it's assumed not to be away all day. Courtesy.
  2. ...it's not complicated...if you want to line up early, get a number and get in line...that's how it's always been done..there will be an early AM check in for those who get numbers on THursday (some will on Wednesday I know)...but just do what you want...line up or not, fine either way. You can usually walk in when doors open and not queue and get a few spots off the rail quite nicely.
  3. That's rare, doesn't happen much anymore...I remember when it was usualy $29/39....sigh...
  4. Nope.. that hasn't been same at these shows. Just line up. I did first 2 shows.
  5. OMG>.show is in Sept. Why are you doing this now?? No one knows what time line will start
  6. they will run for a while on event schedule and yes, be patient as will be quite full...I"ll be walking home.
  7. It's a good place if you aren't gonna have a car.....
  8. HURRY. ...the Mission Valley Doubletree is right on the trolley green line, walk outside the door and there it is....direct to stadium. Avoid parking and the traffic mess getting out after show (but will be crowds for trolley as usual). Rooms left but hurry.
  9. Yes...that's the stop I walk to from home. Green line...you'll have to check schedule closer to show but they'll defiitely have many many heading out after. They always do for events. Don't worry, trolley will run.
  10. ANYONE have 2 extra they don't want? Could be GA or seat, open to either. Can pay with PayPal immediately. I'll be there regardless.... Thanks, E
  11. Is that price PER TICKET? If so you should state that as what you wrote is a bit ambiguous..you say $245.88 for both?? If that's true I'll take them right now.
  12. Soooo much chaos at the 360 tour!! I'm hoping this GA line will be like the line at the Forum for the I.E tour. That was smooth as silk! Don't count on it....stadium shows are notoriously unorganized.....Thank G I had RZ for 360 Rose Bowl show
  13. "You're absolutely right. Its like everyone who hangs out in the "popular hallway" in high school. Seeing who some of the winners are, they will be on stage for a 3rd or 4th time. What a joke this whole contest was. I hope they enjoy taking this to a higher level of status symbol on social media. These fans who were chosen are no bigger fans then the rest of us they are just the popular ones who self promoted themselves. UGH!!!" Be careful about lumping everyone into same category...not always true
  14. I seriously doubt any votes mattered.....it was mean to give some folks hope that they might go then their hopes are crushed.....it is quite mean, like high school yes.
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