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  1. and to be even more specific...larry fans going to the b stage the south side is best for you to be closest to him.
  2. Where does one post a random about the shows? Back in the day I would do this in the general forum. If anyone still remembers me Hellooooooooo! Just home from Van City and some gentle prodding brought me here to post this. So here is some of my thoughts about the opening stand... its definitely an experience and a show with a theme. they sound great. really fantastic. and so fun to see them laugh at themselves. Lots of times...Bono just didnt know the words. it was funny and he could actually laugh too and smile and they humour him and keep playing with smiles of cours
  3. Salome is my feel like dancing song too. Its a wonderfully sexy song. Damn I think I'll have to listen on the way home from work in an hour. I'd love to have it as a ringtone!
  4. Driving in the car ... MOFO Live ... Streets Lift me up ... Unknown Caller Retro Fav ... Gloria Feeling Moody ... Cedars Jump Around ... Vertigo Make me soooo happy ... Last Nite On Earth To hear in a store ... Mysterious Ways To dance around the room with my son ... Babyface Period ... Electrical Storm
  5. I voted for One. It's not my least fav U2 song but its close. I don't feel anything from it, mild irritation if anything. Unfortunately its been played at every U2 show I have seen (or likely ever will see). It's misinterpreted by most people who use it as a wedding song. Its way overplayed. It is like the token U2 song my local station plays all the time (which is so sad considering their exceptional catalogue and which contributes to my distaste) The way people put it up on a pedistal as this great significant song....meh. Utterly over-rated. Just writing about it makes me feel ti
  6. Aw Pebs you are making calendars for everyone? You are so sweet. I miss ((((you)))). Makes me think of when we would fight over who should star in the calendar on a given month.
  7. LOVE this and all my Christmas cards I already went out and bought 2 boxes of cards for this last weekend. Haven't made my own for 2 years now I'm busy and not feeling very U2 creative right now. Will send the info Kristaps....guess I can delete last years list now hahaha.
  8. I don't think you could ever say U2 "changes up the setlist" And really I don't think the two years should have made a difference as the people in Australia and South America and all the new US and Canadian cities never got the opportunity to hear most of the songs for the album the tour was supporting. I was doing some re-discovering of NLOTH recently. I thought I left the cd in my car when I sold it last year and kept thinking I had to get around to re-buying it soon and then I found it in the back of a cd holder book thing and it was a nice surprise. Breathe and Cedars of Lebanon
  9. How could you not recognize when its like... the threads from 6 months ago are still on page one? I saw a tweet about a video contest and got all excited like...or well....there was a flicker somewhere inside me. I have a video. I want to win a contest. But then I came and it was for people unwrapping the sub gift? So you only win as a sub and have to make a video of yourself? I couldn't really tell as when I tried to click on the rules it said thread was no longer there. Whatever. So anyway $50 to resub not gonna happen anytime soon. And i wish to remain complet
  10. Yes hot yoga is yoga in a heated room...usually 103 or 104 I think. I try not to look at the heat settings or the clock when I am in there. Right now I am doing power yoga. I used to do Bickram which I liked better because it was always the same 16 poses in the same order. This one is like flow yoga and it changes all the time and you work harder. only a few weeks in and my endurance and flexibility is coming back. That first class back was shameful lol. It is awesome, I must say. You sweat so much you really cleanse yourself and release impurities and toxins...and fat. My sister is 2
  11. Nice to see yours too Os! Come back soon and post again. And then so will I. And so on and so on and a message board shall come alive. Maybe!
  12. Hellloooooo Mr. xrayjetsfootballclub! Wish i could come down to the bassment and hang out with all my Aussie friends! It's great to see you as well. Always. My regards to Mrs. xrayjetsfootball club!
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