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  1. Setlist so far.... Breathe NLOTH GOYB Magnificent Beautiful Day/Here Comes The Sun snippet ISHFWILF/Moving On Up Snippet Desire Party Girl
  2. all you people back off of my girl soupie... she's all mine!!!
  3. And I, like a firework, explode... Roman candle, lightning, lights up the sky.... yummy.
  4. I've met Ceallach, Soupie and Exist, unfortunately not all at the same time. And let me just say...ain't no stars shining brighter.
  5. ILOVEBONO wrote: I made a fool of myself once. If it ever happens again, I plan to be calm and collected. I hear you on that...I was calmer my second time and was able to take pictures and smile and not be an idiot. Third time is gonna be a charm. Don't Iknow it.
  6. Different! For POP they were all over the place....rushed...other musicians on keyboards...sampling...no Eno or Lanois... LOVE IT!
  7. when you meet him....you aren't thinking of money and power...you're warm all over and looking at blue eyes and stubble... ahhhhhhh *thud*
  8. I don't think its a bad thing to have other musicians joining the band. I think collaborations with other artists can enhance creativity with awesomeresults and those artists deserve credit for their work, if they aren't just producing. But that said...I'd like to see something new. There was some discussion about this in another thread on the sub side and I in agreement with the sentimentthat it's time for U2 to get out of its comfort zone, to get pushed around a bit and for something really new. Time to say buh-bye to Eno and Lanois.
  9. Only 51 days til my first show!!! *cartwheels* YAY!!!!
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