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  1. and to be even more specific...larry fans going to the b stage the south side is best for you to be closest to him.
  2. Where does one post a random about the shows? Back in the day I would do this in the general forum. If anyone still remembers me Hellooooooooo! Just home from Van City and some gentle prodding brought me here to post this. So here is some of my thoughts about the opening stand... its definitely an experience and a show with a theme. they sound great. really fantastic. and so fun to see them laugh at themselves. Lots of times...Bono just didnt know the words. it was funny and he could actually laugh too and smile and they humour him and keep playing with smiles of course. I found it a different vibe from any U2 show I have been to. So my impressions are that...it gets really slow in the middle, like a saggy mattress lol. there is a point where songs slow down, there are new ones all grouped together and they are behind the screens. to me this really affects the energy in the building I heard one hardcore fan refer to this as "the boring parts" which kinda stings but has some truth in it. The new songs sound really good. I actually like them better live. But they do have a melancholy vibe in them and when you pack em together and disappear from the stage there is a deflation of the high energy i am used to at a show. at least on the floor where the effect of the screens is very low. in keeping with that there was to me a wierd vibe to even the high energy tunes. i think this is the way they are in the setlist. ie... vertigo on 360 was KILLER. it was my fav part of the show when those sirens would start. in comparison its effect currently is at 50% of energy generation. and tbh i didnt even break a sweat at night 2 and if you know me that says alot because I go to dance and jump all night and sweat easily lol. but the vibe and energy just barely gets to that level. all of this can be remedied from my pov by tweaks in setlist. i am looking forward to seeing them next month for a comparison. on to other tidbits... - ga line in Van night 1 was ace. night 2 was a bit needlessly intense but still safe and organized well - the stage/set is beautiful and I love it. - the setlists were great but have to somehow get rearranged. night 2 setlist was incredible to hear - north side rail is better than south. you see the main stage much better. like significantly better view of all band members. cameras are set up on south side. - if you que for days for main stage in tours past dont waste your time -catwalk is a great spot I was about 1/3 of the way down -doing a show at b stage will be a must if you are a multi show ga-er like myself - this will be where you have any chance of being called up on stage and where they are most likely to slip rarities into the list. also all 4 band members on that stage for several songs not just one....its alot down there - based on my count and estimates 180 persons will get rail position give or take -adam fans should stay on the north side close to main stage or in the first 1/3 of the catwalk -larry fans hit b stage - if they play troubles he will be right in adams spot at the edge of the main stage but thats a risk to hope they play it. b stage gets you right up close. catwalk near b stage would also be a prime spot. - bono lovers think catwalk and b stage -the edge is everywhere. he hardly stops. -they bring a fan on stage to film them with the cell phone zoo tv style...absolutely BRILLIANT!!!! -we had to scan our cc at the door to get in. they did not ask to see any sort of ticket (if yours is on your phone) and they did not ask for id...just in case you should have all 3 tho -buying and selling tix in line is a b#$@+ but its possible and I did it and worked it out just peachy cc entry and strict line rules and all. -we were not given a choice of side to enter. if your ticket says north they will try to make you go there. it is possible to move to the other side once you are in down near the b stage but its a small window of time and you cant leave the floor after you are in. i did manage to convince a guy to give me a north arm band on night 2 but it wasn't easy. so be aware of potential difficulty with the north and south ga tickets if you are with your friends. Anything else? you can ask. and if you ever see me come and say hi! just not early in the am as I am not a social lady at those times.
  3. [quote name='Nniixx wrote: grant1975']So have my Red Zone Tix for Bris which I am stoked with - Just wanted to have a look and see where the $39.00 were located...1st section right behind the bloody stage!!! these tix are massively better than the $300 seated - well for Brisbane anyways...and it doesnt look like they are restricted view!!! But the majority of the time you'd be looking at the back of the band ? The band will face the back, but it can vary how much they do from show to show and venue set up. They will take turns going back when they walk around. Still the seats can be very close. Some people loved it, some people wished they were back there more. You're also the first to see the band walk out on stage and the last to see them leave...while they wave to you. =)
  4. It will be more like the 3rd and the 4th. Official announcement likely around the time of the general sale, or maybe before.
  5. For those having issues with navigating the boards or your screen names... I see that most of you are new here. Welcome =) The website and message boards are going through a transition. Not the greatest timing but somtimes, that's just how U2.Com rolls. Try to give it a few days for the techs to finish their work and then you should be able to access your profile and homepage and edit your account etc. Once the transition is complete, I'm sure threads will be set up to deal with any recurring tech issues or you can seek the assistance of the moderators. They're probably going a little nuts right now. Good luck to everyone buying tickets this week. My friends and I got ours to all the shows we wanted tonight with no problems.
  6. [quote name='Cassie wrote: Bajagirl wrote: Cassie wrote: melissa87']My code, which I received today, starts with a 3. So I suppose the answer is YES Hm, it's just that I have renewed and still don't have a new code yet. So maybe I'm only allowed to have 2 codes even if just one of them is used. I think Baja's post is a bit confusing, cause it says that if you have used 2 old codes, you won't get a new one. But what if you only used 1...? Arrghhhhh.....If you have an unused code you can use that one Well duh, I get that but can you get an additional one? No. There is a thread about this in featured topics. http://community.u2.com/topic/18469
  7. [quote name='Bajagirl wrote: Holz_t']I've been reading through this thread in the last few days and it absolutely amazes me how many people can't be bothered doing their research before posting a question!! All of my questions have been answered by just reading the FAQs and through other posts. I have absolute faith that all will be revealed over the next 24 hours or so and we'll all be ready to go come presale time. You are my new FAVORITE MEMBER, and win BEST POST OF THE WEEK!!!!! I liked this one alot myself but was reading through to the end before I quoted it! *bangs head on desk* What I might do it just requote it on every page!
  8. I'm tempted Mac but its your turn for a vote today and not even blasphemy such as this is changing my mind. Never interested in hearing Bono rap...altho I do like the wee MOS rap addition. I'm a long time fan of Jay Z. Did you know he doesn't write his songs down? He memorizes them and never writes down the lyrics? He's a talent and he just gets better as he goes. I am so so so so so happy about this I just can't get over it. Will be the best shows of the whole tour, I am positive of it.
  9. [quote name='mick james wrote: Sarah Desiree wrote: aussiegirl']AND we get JAY Z............woo hoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PARTY time!!!!!!!!!! I'm soooooooooooo excited!!!!!! He is so great live...I saw him with Mary J in the Heart of the City tour!!! This is the BEST opening act EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My family is going to be SO JEALOUS mwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!I'm not a fan as such, but I recognise that Mr Z is very talented, and will be a great opener for a great country!! You're coming to Sydney Sarah??? Pints are on me!!! Yes sir. =) I'm coming to Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. Should be in town on the 10th, I look forward to being very drunk with you.
  10. I'm soooooooooooo excited!!!!!! He is so great live...I saw him with Mary J in the Heart of the City tour!!! This is the BEST opening act EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My family is going to be SO JEALOUS mwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!
  11. http://www.u2.com/help/ <<< pre-sale frequently asked questions you get 4 tickets per code. Sometimes you have to use all 4 for one show (Europe) or 4 you can use to buy tickets to more than one show (North America). Rules for Australia have not been announced. In your account info (look up top of this page on the right hand side and click on "account info") or your email where your code has been sent to you, it should tell you your category. You will probably get a new e-mail from U2.Com soon listing the tour dates, the pre-sale dates and your available codes for use. additional shows are usually announced soon after the first show goes on sale or right around that time.
  12. [quote name='voxxiegirl wrote: ausguy70']Do you have to be a paid subscription to get presale tickets? Can someone please answer this question that is burning in my mind. When you say presale for members...do you mean u2.com members...or ticketek members?? Ticketek usually has presales for their shows for ticketek members! SO will there be two presales...one say 6 days in advance for u2.com members... then the usual 3 days in advance for ticketek members. There will be a bunch of different presales. When people here talk about presales for members, they refer to subscribing members of U2.COM. We get the first pre-sale above all others, in order of category, based on tenure in the fanclub. Tenure meaning ongoing membership since Vertigo without letting membership lapse. Sales for Melbourne go on sale on 03 September. There are also presales scheduled for members (possibly season ticket holders) of the stadium where the show will be and members of live nation starting on the afternoon of 01 September. U2.COM members will likely have their sales one day before, with the top tier going in the morning and the next groups following later in the day and on the morning of the first. I am suggesting this based upon my experience buying tickets for 3 other legs of this tour. The dates may be different. maybe 2 days before the other presales, who knows? The site will post the details and also send emails to members. Check your email linked to your U2.Com account regularly or come in here regularly to check. Sometimes you aren't given much notice prior to presales! Sometimes the email notifications are not reliable as they come late! Check in here regularly! The moderators will update the initial post in this thread with all the information you will need.
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