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  1. Hey Kaylin, Seeing that there aren't any GAs available on ticketmaster at the moment, it's best to check a day or two before the show, and even the morning of the show if there is a ticket drop. Also worth looking at fan forums, like on U2start or at U2FansTour to see if fellow fans have spares. Good luck! Joe
  2. I'm in the same boat as a lot of you - still waiting to see if there will be a change in the membership gifts. No need for another vinyl or book. Since there seems to be a few of us in this kind of a situation, I wonder if they can just drop the price of the membership renewal? I'd be okay with that. Joe
  3. As I've mentioned in the post, I really enjoy the queue because of the community of fans I meet and befriend. Last night in the London 2 GA, I met Ilam from Israel. It was his first I+E concert and I've never seen him before. We were beside each other in the line and chatted for a while. My wife and I will be going to Israel this Christmas and we will connect with Ilam when we're in Tel Aviv. His kindness is immeasurable and the interpersonal trust we developed would not have happened as easily had it not been for the U2 GA - couldn't have happened on the floor during the concert. For this re
  4. Some GAs are available on the O2's website. http://www.theo2.co.uk/events/detail/u2
  5. Venue layout will be different for U2-gigs because they will remove the first 20 rows of the lower bowl what will brings GA-capacity above 5000! Wikipedia says GA of 8000 is possible in 3Arena, but some of that space will make place for the e-stage and catwalk. This is what GA-Floor looks like without the first 20 rows: That makes sense - thanks for that! I can now see how the large screen will fit. It'll be a pretty amazing in there!
  6. Seeing how different the setup is for the Dublin shows, any idea of those who've been to the 3Arena of where the entrance(s) are to the floor? I understand the 3Arena fits at most 14,500 fans (seated + standing). With the e-stage and catwalk, I reckon the venue will have about 13,500-14,000 fans total. What do you think the GA floor capacity will be judging by this stage layout? 1000... 2000 ... 3000?
  7. Had called into U2.com membership services. They tried issuing me a new code for my experience membership. When I tried the new code they gave me, it failed too. They called me back and explained that the reason it wasn't working was because all the presale tickets that were allocated were all sold out. I'm speechless!
  8. Joseph Ahorro 06 January 2015 (last resubscription) renewal date 06 January 2016
  9. So, I have an experience membership - been a member for a very long time; paid up and renewed ever year. Code is NOT accepted even though I only used it to buy 1 ticket for Vancouver 1. Called U2.com yesterday and they assured me it would work. Been trying for past 20 minutes - fail. This is very dispiriting.
  10. hi Joe, not that we know of, good question though, if I find out more will update, Thanks, much appreciated. I know there are a few of us who saved an experience code for the Dublin shows. Cheers.
  11. Bigwave - will there be different time slots for those with experience codes and with innocence presale codes? I still have a ticket left on my experience code and was wondering about that. Thanks! Joe
  12. I'm probably wrong. I was going by the pictures on Instagram and twitter of people arriving on the GA floor and my time (PST). I must have had the time difference wrong. Sorry about that.
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