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  1. Camucha


    Love it. Absolutely love this pic
  2. That is very good advice. Unfortunately, their name tags only have an initial for the last name and I remember the lady's name that treated Cam so badly was "something O" but unfortunately by the time the show was over, I had forgotten her first name. Yes, good advice. If I ever have a problem like this again I will. Two things you always see in U2 concerts are signs and flags, and the night before there were many (including Jimmy Fallon's sign) so I did not expect them to not let me enter the venue.
  3. You're welcome. Oh no, I wonder if it is the some mom that was on the twoshows I went. How awful.
  4. I'm here to share my story. On my second show (NY4) as I did the night before I brought my Peruvian flag neatly folded inside a plastic bag in my purse to the venue, the flag was signed by Bono in Houston in 2009 before the 360 show. I also brought a sign I made on a cloth napkin that depicts a heart made with two bass clefs, one inverted. This sign has come with me to 5 shows of the 360 tour and I had it with me during the NY3 show. I was number 50 in the line, got my number the night before, I went for the check up times and behaved and waited respectfully. When it was my time to be sea
  5. Camucha


    Incredible, love this photograph!
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