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  1. Nope, he’s not giving up yet. I told him I don’t really believe him,this is too good to be true blah blah. He asked me to go to hangouts so he could call me there (so I could hear his voice). No idea how he would do that. I’m not on hangouts or whatever, but he keeps on coming back. 
    I know several ppl have reported him now on insta, still they don’t react. 
    weird, cuz when I reported fake Julian Lennon, he was removed within a day or so 

  2. Yes, I reported him on insta and I’ve DM’ed the guys on the u2insta page. 
    nothing happening so far. 
    he is still posting and asked me to mail his assistant to make an appointment for a meet. 
    I haven’t mailed him (yet). He is not contacting me now, I think he might know I’m on to him🤭

  3. On 5/5/2019 at 4:53 PM, keyo32198 said:

    I' m so incredibly ashamed and emberesed embaressed but I have tp tell my story to protect other U2 fans. I have been a U2 fan since I was 14 1985. I am a bright educated woman but I got scammed.

    On Instagram "The Edge" approached me. At first I thought it was too good to be true but then I got  sucked in. And by the way it was too good to be true. He promised me a meet and greet but talked to me a while before he hooked me. This man is very very believable. There is also a multiple fake Bono's but one that is working with this Fake Edge.  There Instagram names are _u2.bono_ and the other is u2.Edge_. This person impersonating the Edge went as far as having his "Assistant" Send me a "Meet and Greet" invitation it all looked very official to me. There were red flags for sure but as a fan of 34 years I so wanted it to be true. To date this man has gotten $5.000 out of me! $5,000! I am so ashamed and I am not a wealthy woman. If anyone has any questions regarding these two people and the interactions I had I am more than happy to share my experiences. I don't want this to happen to anyone else. I did meet a lovely woman from another country that had thousands taken from her,. There are multiple fake Bono's. One of them contacted me about donating to a secret foundation in Brazil and was extremely pushy. Then another Fake Edge immediately sent me a nasty message. after I told the other fake Bono that there is no such foundation. I have met a nice fan  on Instagram that is from another country who has also had thousands of dollars stolen from her. There are so many victims out there.

    Bono, Edge, Larry, Adam if you ever read these threads please know this is the most painful thing I have ever gone through.

    Please everyone on social media be careful. I am more than willing to answer questions if anyone has any.


    God Bless,



    Fake Edge Instagram Profile.JPG

    Fake Bono Passport.JPG

    This very same fake bono is trying to chat me up on Instagram. 
    not harmful yet and I haven’t heard from him today. I guess he knows I know he’s fake as I’m not eagerly fast to answer him. 
    He even came back to me when I took my time with a “Hello” message 😅

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  4. In Belgium, the membership gift IS indeed labeled as a gift (since I complained years ago when I did have to pay €10 customs)

    I don’t know how they label their merchandise though. I haven’t  ordered  anything in years (and thus not used my coupon in years),...

    I’m not even sure the goods come from the US?  What is the czech republic mention for??




    no code here, but also i don't have confirmation i am experience -- faqs section said that info would be in account info but isn't and the site is showing my membership start date as wrong. fretting here.

    anyone else have innocent or experience designation in their account? thanks

    Everyone's membership start date is wrong, mine shows 2009, I have been a member since 1992. If you have been a member before September of 2014 you would be in the Experience group, after September 9th you would be in the Innocence group.

    My account info just mentions my account runs out in feb'15. Not since when insigned up.

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