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  1. Did you ever sit in the upper level of MSG. Awful Yes, and truly...it wasn't bad. Its not like this is a play or sports game...it is a concert and if you can hear the music and celebrate being there at all. This is my first U2 concert and I'm truly thankful to have the opportunity...I don't even know where my seats are but if they are in nosebleed...I will make the most of it and have fun. Must be a different MSG then the one I go to all the time
  2. Don't think the prices will change unless they do Stadiums and they would have to do it in the summer or earlier fall
  3. This will be the first tour I miss since April 1, 1985 the first time they played the Garden.
  4. I always relied on U2 to have a fair ticket price. I can't be on the floor short as I am when someone stands in front of me I see nothing. The Who tickes where $154 at MSG And Packages don't even have a meet and greet, just the chance to be in a drawing for a backstage pass. Oh well guess I won't see them again and this maybe my last chance not getting any younger
  5. U2 was always fair with their prices. $312 just before Christmas come on. I can't afford it. I have been a U2 fan for 30 years this just strikes me as beyond belief.
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