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  1. OK one thing I have to say is that people who are super angry they can't get Red Zone... you are not the only fan trying for Red Zone! The tix are extremely limited, how many people to you fit in there? I count myself SUPER lucky that I got for Pasadena, but I certainly could have got GAs or any other ticket I wanted in Red Hill presale. I know some crazy stuff happened with the first London presale, but I don't believe that Red Hill presale entitled anyone to Red Zone tickets - there are a lot of Red Hill fans that want them this time around... I do agree with all the other shit for
  2. Did you get them right at 9AM? I spent a minute trying to figure out the pulldown and they were gone by the time I realized they were in VIP packages.... Yes. I used the earlier presale on the East Coast to know what to expect.
  3. Truth. I'm going to see G&R in August because it's the first show in our new football stadium, there are two small pits for $300 and then chairs on the floor for no less than $200 odd for the first 30 rows. We are very lucky even though people don't realize. It was pretty clear that U2 gave tons of excellent options in the presale by comparison, the first 15 or so rows on the sides to midfield for G&R were all within the Silver/Gold type packages too for $3-600 respectively. Europe pricing looks sweet compared to what we paid for G&R in the US and Canada...
  4. I got Red Zone for Pasadena and made a gigantic squeal. Now everyone I work with thinks I am crazy. Hahhaha.
  5. Standing tickets usually have a "seat" number assigned, for security reasons (fire codes and such) Exactly. There are no seats. It says straight up it was a standing only ticket when you buy it.
  6. No, Red Zone tickets in Pasadena were definitely $350. My Visa card is absolutely sure of it, in fact. If your confirmation email doesn't say Red Zone, it's not a Red Zone.
  7. I just popped a couple Tylenol PMs. Good luck to all tomorrow!
  8. This is an absolutely beautiful gift - thank you. Just renewed my 'script.
  9. Cant' wait to see this! I was overjoyed to see BabyEdge's famous striped black and white t-shirt make the wardrobe cut... that's always how I picture him, in that shirt When's the rumoured release date?
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