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  1. Since we all know that Bono and U2 think The Kings of Leon are one of the best rock and roll bands on the scene today, I am curious what you all think about their new CD, which is now available for free streaming off of their website at http://www.kingsofleon.com/
  2. Using Photoshop I merged my profile photo with the photo of "Boden Sea" by Hiroshi Sugimoto (which is the actual title of the photo used on the album cover, for those who didn't know).
  3. Hi AJ01, Once you are logged into the community, you can click the "My Home" link in the left nav... Then on the next page (the "My Home" page),click the link that says, "edit profile photo." After you click that link you'll land on the "Add Photo" page, where you need to browse for a photo on your hard drive and upload it. On thispage, be sure to select the radio button that says, "This image is: My profile photo." That should do it! Feel free to send me a direct message if you need more help. tx m
  4. Many people are wondering how to update their avatar, also known as your "profile photo." To do this, you must be logged in. Click the "Community" tab in the top navigation, then click the "My Home" tab in the left navigation. On the MyHome page, click the link that says, "edit profile photo" under the "Get Active" section. From the Add Photo page you should be able to browse for an image on your hard drive, which will be used as your avatar. Hint: On the Add Photo page, make sure you select the radio button to declare that the photo you areadding should be used as your pro
  5. To update my profile photo (avatar), I just logged in, clicked on the "My Home" button in the left nav, then clicked on the "edit my profile photo" link near the top of the My Home page.
  6. my and my sideburns experiment
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