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  1. Have not been on here in a really long time- Its been great - amazing memories of days gone by looking forward to a new future with U2- now lets get a Joshua Tree Tour DVD stream - PLEASE
  2. Hey Mods - I need help - I am signed in to my u2.com account I click on the watch party link and it takes me to the live chat and stream page but I am no longer signed in and it asks me to sign in again and it says no email account found? How to I watch?
  3. Had RZ2 for MSG2 - Had a bad knee so was worried about standing so went late - Arrived at checking at 7.30. Email indicated that had to have ID of the purchaser to match the name on your ticket. I knew after reading this I could not transfer the tix to someone else and had to try to manage it. When we checked in they had names on a list and you had to have ID and match the ticket name and sign at your name on the list. I was surprised this was the procedure although good, but IDK how there are so many RZ on secondary markets or for sale here as they truly seemed to be non-transferable at least
  4. Well this is super dissapointing to hear - I have MSG coming up - Had GA for Unionondale and was 3 off the e state arriving at showtime- If anyone has a positive exp let us know
  5. Still have a few NY shows and CT as well for the final show of the tour! Thanks! It will be awesome--
  6. Destination show for me - haven't been to Vegas in 19 years - Just booked hotel yesterday. Only 3 nite trip from NY and the Friday nite show for me. I hope to make time for other awesome Vegas activities!
  7. Was in Dublin in 2009 Croke Park, 2015 IE tour and 2017 for JT at Croke. Best trips I have ever had! May not be up for the next as I was just there last summer and the trip is becoming hard to justify! Still finding things unrelated to U2 to do in the city and its surrounding areas as well. Great time!
  8. I quite too soon! I tried for 30 minutes!
  9. Crazy that they can do this - that makes no sense at all - You pay 329 for a ticket last week and now the seat next to you is 175 - so now you can go and get a "better" 329 or more expensive seat? That is ridiculous! Thanks for the info!
  10. Sounds great! They should have a Sirius/XM Radio Channel
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