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  1. There is a U2 tribute band playing at HURRICANE O'RIELLY'S, just down the street from the TD Garden. THE JOSHUA TREE BAND - I have seen them and they are pretty good. Thursday - Pre-show from 5:00 to 7:00 Friday - Pre-show from 5:00 to 7:00 and Post show at 11:00 http://joshuatreeband.com/ 06/21/18 BOSTON, MA HURRICANE’S ADD TIME: 5:00PM. AGE RESTRICTIONS: NO MINORS. ADDRESS: 150 CANAL STREET. U2 PRE SHOW 06/22/18 BOSTON, MA HURRICANE’S ADD
  2. Same here. Kept getting seats behind the stage and the like.
  3. Hall and Oates with Tears Fears is playing the TD Garden on Saturday 6/24, not far from Fanueil Hall. Check the local clubs postings, there will likely be some U2 hook ups around downtown Boston.
  5. Hello, I am in Boston, MA (USA) and I bought a single ticket for the Nov 23 and 24 Dublin shows. However, I am not going to make the trip now. The Monday (Nov 23) is a GA, but I have no idea how I would be able to transfer it. PM me if you can figure out a transfer for face value. I have 1 ticket available for the Tuesday (Nov 24) show in Dublin. It is in Block H, Row is in 30's. Face Value Price was 191 Euros (which is about $210 USD). This is a hard ticket that I have in my possession. I can ship to you FEDEX for $15 USD. So, total price would be $225.00 USD. I have a paypal account
  6. I have a GA for November 23 and am not going to the show now. However, I don't know of any way to transfer it to you.
  7. Was lucky enough to get one ticket for November 23 and 24th for myself in presale. Flying in from boston to Dublin November 18, and my wife has now decided to come to Ireland with me for the trip, so I am looking for an extra for each of the shows. I know I can likely pick up a ticket closer to the show, but if anyone can help, great !!! We can meet in person, I can pay cash and I will even buy you dinber and drinks !!! PM Me. Thanks, Kevin
  8. No I bought one ticket for each show. Then I went to bed, on sale was at 4:00 am. Then today my wife wants to come so I need to get an extra ticket for each show.
  9. Hey did you buy 2 tickets each for 2 nights for a total of 4 - wondering if the ticket limit was 2 per run or 2 per show--
  10. I will be there....bought a GA for Monday and Section H for Tuesday. Booking flights/hotel tomorrow !!
  11. Looking for 1 ticket for Saturday night show. Getting to Forum at 4 pm. PM if you have an extra to sell. Thanks, Kevin
  12. Ticket gone for Sunday. See you all at the show.
  13. Still looking to trade 1 GA on Sunday for a ticket on Sarurday PM me
  14. In LA now heading out soon. PM me your number and I will get back to you about Sunday.
  15. Worst case, I will buy another ticket online for Saturday and someone can just pay me face value for Sunday and walk in with me. Death to Scalpers !!
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