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  1. It’s available online at one of my local retailers. Easy Street Records, Seattle They ship anywhere I think but the further away you are, the more expensive the shipping. https://easystreetonline.com/UPC/602567965022/U2_Hold-Me-Thrill-Me-Kiss-Me-Kill-Me#
  2. Very cool. I had mine emailed to me. Nope I am not sharing. 😜🤭 ✌
  3. Update - They do exist... I received mine today.
  4. Lol. I would recommend being more specific. It's been my experience that a lot of it is cultural differences. What is acceptable to us in the US is considered rude & not acceptable elsewhere and visa versa. I'm American & I admit we can come across as clueless. Most of us mean nothing by it.
  5. Nice read. I've heard talk recently of them not touring anymore. I would only ask that if they go that route, to have some kind of farewell tour. Even on a smaller scale, Like park it in LA for a week, NYC a week, London, etc. A number of bands with the fan following have successfully done this.. We come to them. I don't know...Get creative....Just don't pull an REM or I'll be pissed. ?? Love ya U2 ?
  6. Kurt Cobain’s daughter Fracis Bean is a pretty kick ass singer. Shes only on Instagram but rumors are flying about her getting in the music biz. Worth checking out. Edit, read the title of the thread wrong...it happens...Im not here as often..???‍♀️
  7. Up next, Pearl Jam home shows! Jack White next week! August is concert month. I have a few others coming up. Looking forward to them.
  8. I’ll be tuned in for the game tomorrow! Good luck to both teams.
  9. I randomly made the mistake of reading sports related comments a couple times. Its reeeeellly bad with sports. I thought fandoms could be bad, sports can be downright nasty. It does seem really bad in recent years. All these people being horrible to each other & those who run social media, Facebook, Twitter, do nothing about it, so it continues. count me in as fed up...& fed up horrible people are allowed to be horrible without consequence no matter who it hurts all because people who have the power to step in & stop it, or encourage better interaction, dont do anything &
  10. Watching Col v Eng... I didn't know they did overtime. I thought when it's tied it automatically went to penalty shots.
  11. The Belgium v Japan was crazy! That last minute goal!
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