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  1. Reciyr Seraphim signed petition.. Release Mercy.. Poll.. http://forum.atu2.com/index.php/topic,5394.0.html
  2. u2zoo24 wrote: I have been very active in this thread stating that the two cannot and should not be compared. My final final thought. How beloved and popular are the Beatles you ask? Well...When thier former lead singer was accussed of BEATING A ONE ARMED WOMEN. He was pretty much left unscathed. Both in the media and the publics general opinion. Celebritys and the public sided with Paul instantly. Some public figures even came out attacking Heather Mills with no knowledge of what really happened. How many other celebritys can say that? One photosh
  3. After Charles Manson heard the No Line on The Horizon album by U2. here's what he thinks its a connection to the Beatles, white album. No Line on the Horizon - there are no lines on your foreheads. just 666 Magnificent - if you put the devil into the magnifying glass. he would be bigger Moment of Surrender - takes time to surrender to the devil and evil will prevail (lol) Unknown Caller - you wont be scared if you see the "unknown caller on the caller id" its the devil I go crazy if I don't go crazy tonight : Yup.. this is me... (Charles Manson) get on your boots - kick @$$ all those
  4. Congratulations to the Song Unknown Caller It has been nominated for Grammy Award of 2010 for Best song of the Century Won MTV Awards for Best Song. Nominated for Rolling Stones Best Singles award. To U2 and staff.. Congratulations for Bringing Unknown Caller to the Listeners
  5. Of course its a joke, Everybody look up for Bono as a Messiah or has a Godlike powers so I made a Joke LOL.... People think The Beatles are the devils, bono is a devil, Mick Jagger is the devil... clearly, In this F***** up world when you look up at someone doing nothing. he's the saint. lol..
  6. nolineonthehorizon wrote: Impossible task. Like choosing favorite children... Magnificent, Moment of Surrender and Unknown caller is my favorite children.. No wait.. they are U2's lol....
  7. I listened to Breathe and bono's giving advice to Stock market.. 16th of June Chinese Stocks are going up... so.. I'll bet all my money on the Chinese stocks.. if not I will blame Bono ( LOL ) kidding.... joke!
  8. I think it evolved into "magnificent?"
  9. I think No line on the Horizon defines it as a "Masterpiece" wow....
  10. These are my Top 5 1.) Joshua Tree 2.) No Line on The Horizon 3.) Achtung Baby 4.) All That You Can't Leave Behind 5.) War I made No Line on The Horizon no. 2 because it doesn't have weak songs.. but some of the lyrics a little cheesy. so I rank it as a possible listening from start to finish
  11. Additional Speculations : 1.) No Line on the horizon is actually the Beatles White Album overdub by U2 with a little changes 2.) Charles Manson loves No Line On The Horizon and declared the album 5 stars and said that it has a reference of his hint of getting out of prison lol. 3.) Unknown Caller is actually - bohemian rhapsody by Queen
  12. What if?! I had the ability to travel back in time and disrupt and alter the universe. * Post your time traveling disruption here* I would go back to the achtung baby era. and disrupt Bono in creating the song "ONE" ( well maybe I travel back to berlin and disguised myself as a Homeless Bum) and poison his mind that hewould be a great solo artist in the future.... Time Paradox.... Question... who would be the greatest solo artist in our era? is it 1.) BONO 2.) LARRY 3.) EDGE 4.) ADAM I'm not God. so I don't know the answer lol...
  13. Some didn't like Unknown caller. I don't know why?
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