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  1. achtungbabyxx wrote: the ju ju man thing reminds me of the "jai guru deva" part of the beatles song across the universe. oh.. Ju ju man in the song Across the Universe? is that so? why?
  2. so what about the 16th of June? First stanza and the second line 16th of June? again!? Time when Breathe will be released as a single? lol...
  3. Gering wrote: Great question and observation... Wish I could serve to enlighten here, unfortunately I have nothing to add, other than it is a very cool sticker! ...TheHanginChads... If I solved the puzzle, I can breathe.. lol..
  4. Breathe = its like "walk on" on steroids lol
  5. What's the story with the song? I just love the groove and memorized it lol. but while reading the lyrics, Chinese Stocks? Cockatoo? Ju Ju Man? surreal. but. in constant repeat. lol
  6. Cazza wrote: ivoryhunter wrote: I really puzzled why they didn't choose Magnificent as the lead single? I agree with you 100%. I guess Boots was maybe to attract some new fans. Magnificient and Breathe will probably be released as singles. I think so, Magnificent, Moment of Surrender and Breathe No offense to U2. when I introduced it to my friends. they shove away Get on Your Boots but Likely to listen and buy the album because of Magnificent. especially Breathe.
  7. ivoryhunter wrote: there is a Bono and Edge acoustic version of Sometimes on the HTDAAB DVD (that came with the limited edition version of HTDAAB) Yeah, sorry I missed that one. I'm really puzzled why they didn't choose Magnificent as the lead single?
  8. ok.. I'm confused with the equal sign on the album, so what does that mean? its a sticker. is it some kind of " I Ching" Divination? Yin and Yang of some sort or I should stick it on my mathematical Equation 2 + 2 *insert equal sign sticker* = 4? is that it?
  9. If U2 could do Acoustic Version? What would that be? Just Edge with an Acoustic Guitar and Bono with Voice... (Sorry, I'm not a Adam or Larry Hater LOL) My Top 5 List : 1.) MAGNIFICENT 2.) Electrical Storm 3.) Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own 4.) With Or Without You 5.) Beautiful Day.
  10. That's ok, People will react if I post Coldplay are much colder music than U2. hehee.
  11. u2zoo24 wrote: one01 You are right about one thing. This has produced some interesting discussion. Please, Don't blame me.. I'm just poking fun with U2 Bigger than Beatles. its just Bono's EGO lol.. I agree with Chris and if we go back in time Put U2 and Beatles to the test, it is still no contest. Beatles evolved from Pop to Artistic mood of music andstill with this evolution. people embraced the music LOL
  12. droo wrote: Oh, I absolutely agree that Boots is a terrible choice for a single. If I am correct in my analysis of the song, the subtle hidden irony is not going to be picked up on by non-U2 fans and indeed give them fodder for disliking U2, and kill album sales of NLotH in a world where the reality is people simply don't buy much music anymore. Magnificent or Breathe need to be cranked out as radio singles ASAP, to wash Boots out of the public consciousness. It's the only chance this album's sales have. Honestly, when I heard boots.. I said ok... nice rhythm but.. err... Co
  13. interu2005 wrote: 1.- Magnificent 2.- Moment of Surrender 3.- Breathe I agree!! you and I will magnify with those choices!
  14. Vaguely Intelligent choose U2. lol.. I think its a series of Remark where John Lennon once said that " The Beatles are more popular than Jesus Christ" in a series of perspective, people really flocking the Beatles and even one fan said that She Likes the Beatles more than Jesus Christ. I think bands are measured up with time, if you asked someone or your Grandmother " Yeah Beatles is our Boyband of that century" if you ask your mother right now " U2? are they a boyband? " A Quote from Larry Mullen from Letterman Show, " I was asking for "goodlooking" guys and these guys sh
  15. I had a Leonard Cohen Dream, he reached out to me and gave me the best advice about music.. ( and I didn't know that time that He really Exist) talk about deja vu..
  16. I thought this would be cool, an acoustic version of Magnificent. maybe U2 could improve it. I only done it with one take, so forgive me of those mistakes. I posted this mp3 version here on the site. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16ybQnGZ4Mw ---- Reciyr Seraphim ---------
  17. of course its not about "Dethroning" someone's position. Coldplay, Kings of Leon or Killers won't stand a chance against U2.. so does U2 over beatles..
  18. No line on the horizon got mixed reviews. but. it is one of the albums you want to digest first. Coldplay is gearing up to that "Art" form so is U2. I think it is always the "Transition" part of music, just not to sound so poppy or same...
  19. chris wrote: As much as I love U2, I think you're all crazy! The Beatles were the blueprint for modern pop/rock, without them there would be no U2. U2 makes amazing music, but the Beatles *changed* music. I can understand why some people might not like them, but you can't deny that in every possible way they are more important than any other band. And as for the people who don't like The Beatles, I noticed that most of you say you only have one album, or a best of compilation. That's just the thing - in their later years (ie their most creative period) they were an album band, n
  20. ONE01 wrote: I heard a rumour the tour will be called U2360 tour with big video screens attached to a huge rotating stage like a big umbrella/spider. I bet it starts in somewhere like Barcelona, probably late June. Could be wrong. nope, it is confirmed that there is a large screen and the band is "magnified". enclosed in this large umbrella like rotating stage?isn't it a dizzying experience for the band?
  21. bflorendo wrote: I was hoping for our Nexo Geo T P.A. to be used...so I can be part of the crew (Mr. Joe o'Herlihy, if you read this). However, they've used Claire Bros. forever...so it's understandable. 'Audio-lights' which they considered before would be great (Bullet The Blue Sky). 3D/Holagrams would be logical. I guess Versa-tubes are out of the question now, since it's been widely used when RHCP came out with it. As far as audio, I guess they'll use the new DigiCo SD8 w/Dolby Lake system. New LED lighting I suspect. Nosebleed... but much like a "magnified" band right lol
  22. AnaCarolina wrote: WOW! I thought I was alone! I'm not a big Beatles fan either, I just like some songs, but I don't think they are all that great. I bought the two volumes of Past Masters and I intend to keep these 2 cds as the only Beatles CDs in my collection. U2 is definetly bigger than the Beatles. But they are not bigger than the beetles. Over 360,000 described species and estimates of 800,000 to 1 million total species (counting the ones that haven't been discovered yet). THE BEETLES WILL RULE THE EARTH!!!! *geek* but the beetles haven't sold any record yet. lol comp
  23. reciyrseraphim wrote: Rotating Stages? 3D Experience? Giant Magnifying Glass it might be called the "Magnificent Tour" lol Enclosed in a Huge Magnified Glass with the Band inside, uhh.. nothing I just want to see Bono Larger than his Ego lol.... Suggestions? to increase the U2 experience on tour.. Ok I failed Mathematics. so.. what about 360? I thought I could Spin my Xbox 360 360 degrees Lol..
  24. mjw511 wrote: At this point, I would have to say the same. Going on 30 years since Boy and U2 is still the biggest band in the world! Wow thirty years and they still going. its like I was still crying from my mother's womb that time. ( YES I'm singing Magnificent Right now LOL) Yes.. U2are Really bigger than beetles lol This is the White Album Era for U2.
  25. Yes I would like to throw a remark that U2 are bigger than the Beatles. after I heard the White Album Vs No Line On The Horizon. *oh sorry they should Replace that Spellcheck system here in U2.com* It's "U2 are Bigger than the Beetles" hehehe ok that's was just a joke! If John Lennon can get away a "more famous than Jesus" why Can't U2 lol...
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