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  1. This is what came up when I put my verified Fan code in this morning for the Boston show. It sure doesn't look like there were any GA's in the offering. :
  2. I'm out too. Like Bono....I'm approaching 60. Difference is: this will be the first tour I've missed since Unforgettable Fire. I cannot do GA or Red Zone any more (due to serious back issues)......and I absolutely refuse to pay close to $200 for obstructed view. in the back of the venue....or $300 for nose bleeds. I won't even get into the $600 and $407 tix I saw in the lower rows of Loges closest to the main stage. Very disgraceful. Very sad day....... I'll save my $$ to see another artist.
  3. wow.....seeing in the closest to main stage (3-4 sections).....and found this: rows 1-6 tix are $650.50 (VIP Party pkg only), rows 7-13 $470.25 (VIP Fan pkg only)....rows 14 and up $325 (only single seats avail). Unreal. will keep searching ...maybe they'll open up more blocks later or 2moro ...... P.S. $325 seats are those loge sections at far corners and around secondary stage. pfft.... I used to ALWAYS be able to find ('reasonable') seats in the first couple of loge sections off main stage. Not today.
  4. I can't fathom paying to see the band from the nose bleed section. I was ok with $285 for loge seats for JT and U2iE15. Prior to those tours I always did GA or Red Zone. (Funny...even when I thought Red Zone was expensive I paid. ha). I'm getting too old now to line up for a half a day for GA .... or stand during an entire concert (including an opening act). It's very saddening to think I'm going to miss this one.....
  5. Agree on perhaps missing this tour because of these prices. You would think a band worth baziilions of dollars would (better) control their ticket prices more (or over rule the TM/Live Nation God if that is where it's coming from). Say you bought a $329 ticket....how much are the greedy handling (or other 'misc') charges on top of that???? Another $40 bucks? Unreal. Seems only U2 .... can afford to see U2. pfffft.
  6. I am completely shocked by the $329 Lower Level premium seat price indicated in that General link above.. I've received my pre-sale code this morning & will be going out to TM when pre-sale begins .... however there is a VERY good chance I will not be buying tickets for this tour if these prices are true. An unbelievable thought.....after following this band for decades and seeing (multiple) shows since Unforgettable Fire in '85. Very Very disappointed if this is true.
  7. TYVM! That worked...I was able to resub for 2018 & presale. Acct profile (Verified Fan) now says 'Setup Complete'. Curious: Would you happen to know when the 2017 fan gifts are going out? I re-subbed back in March 2017...and haven't received anything this year (yet). Thx.
  8. I'm trying to resub (as mine expires 3/18, and i used presale code for 4 JT tix in 2017).....but I'm unable to save that resub page due to this msg: Please select a country code from the picker on the left and submit. There is no picker on the left to select from. (p.s. Country Code is already filled in with United States in my profile). What am I missing?
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