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  1. ii  was  hoping  for  full  concert   of  a Lovetown  gig  and a  dvd  of    a Lovetown  gig.

    and  agree  with thee  above,  can  we  have  an  option  to  download   these  tracks  in  wav, lossless,  flac format ...and  mp3   formats.

  2. i  would be over the moon if they played some of  the lesser played songs on next  tour   from
    R +h, hawkmmon...silver and gold, so  many  great   tunes.   
    and  as  it  is  30  years  anniversary,how  about   a dvd of  a Lovetown gig, Sidney, ?
    ,,would  dearly love  to  see    a full  dvd official   one.

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  3. sorry Max,i  should have  made it  a bit more  clear...i  Never  get emails  from  u2.com.well  the only  time  i do, is  when  i buy my  subs  and  buy merchandise.
    Pre-sale email code,  not even   an email  to tell   me if my  susbs  is ending, that  Never gets sent..

  4. if codes had been used  in Euro leg then surely they should have been removed by  now.

    i have a friend whom i advised Strongly today not to try  for more tix as they had used the code once already.
     i know pple should read    the Tour faq by  now,since pre-sales have started for  the first dates,but if the code is  Visibly marked out on tour page, then for pple who are not reg visitors on here,maybe able to post their errors if they see the code has either been crossed or even removed completely.

  5. 4 hours ago, SpringsteenGirl said:

    The worst thing is we got just few hours notice, this is really unacceptable :angry:


    2 hours ago, SpringsteenGirl said:

    I have a question, now with the new show for Madison Square Garden announced, can I split my code for 1 ticket for this show and one for a EU show?


    i think not possible.. but management or maybe a mod can advise  you  on this issue.

  6. On 21/01/2018 at 8:32 AM, stanley14 said:

    Now this is something we all understand! 

    Thanks electric Co! 


    On 21/01/2018 at 8:32 AM, stanley14 said:

    Now this is something we all understand! 

    Thanks electric Co! 


    On 21/01/2018 at 7:19 AM, electricco said:

    Dear electricco and former 'Propaganda' Subscriber
    It's the news we've all been waiting for!
    On Monday U2 are set to announce details of their 2005 Tour - and as a former Propaganda subscriber you are the very first of the growing community of U2.Com Subscribers to receive the all-important ticket code information you need to take part in the presale.


    As a member of our 'Horizon' group of U2.com Subscribers we're pleased to invite you to take part in this weeks presales for one of the following European shows of the U2 360° Tour.


    Q - When is the latest I can join U2.com to be involved in the Internet ticket pre-sale?
    A - Anyone who is a current Subscriber to U2.com can participate when ticket presales take place but those who have been Subscribers longest get the earliest opportunity to enter the presale.

    'Horizon Subscribers' have access starting on the morning of Day 1 of the presale,

    'Breathe Subscribers' have access from the morning of Day 2 of the presale and

    'Boots Subscribers' have access from mid afternoon on Day 2 of the presale. The presale for each concert closes at Noon / Midday on Day 3.

    The public ticket sale will start after Day 3 of the presale. The exact times for access will be emailed to you and made available on the tour page of U2.com.

    Oh I wish it was the 90's ... the 2000's :wub: 


    that type  of pre-sales system  should never  have changed.

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