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  1. As General sales approach, will * all * cities on the European tour be offering Box office collection and Ticketfast/pdf type printouts for tickets as an option.,or will they charging up to 45 Euros postage for International customers ? I am looking at you Tm Germany and Portugal !
  2. after several uk> usa phone calls and nearly 12 emails,i was told to ask Merch dept for a refund. now if prints are in stock, well i would prefre them over a refund.
  3. u2.com email told me in one email,,,got confused with the singles gift, they are so incompetent.
  4. Perry, i was told that in one email,i did not get the prints because i failed to hit the * redeem *button,...did we Have to redeem those prints like what we have to do with the vinyls gift ? ?
  5. Are you serious,you actually got these prints ? i had been told that they were out of stock and would not be re-printed. ... u2,com telling me i had no chance of getting my prints gift, telling me i had to ask ~merch dept for a refund- Mich40, can you investigate this for me , please,
  6. If , if thee Management read these forums,i would like to say as a long term member, that i am very disappointed that you guys hanged the rule of splitting our codes. it is only in recent tours Europeans have been able to split coses for different gigs, this change is most unfair. They should not have done this change
  7. look for if i want itch tickets/general admission floor tickets ?
  8. Will there be support acts this time around ? if yes, if, who do you think will be suitable to fill this tough role ?
  9. i was hoping that the Euro leg dates would be announced by now Is any delay due to Livenation and implementing Fan verification over in 'Europe ?
  10. It would be soooo cool to hear this played,,,in full with a a full orchestra, pretty please Larry
  11. The Powers at be are the ones who should get the complaints, the mods here are a decent lot. i feel the fans and the mods, all have been let down by the powers at be. any anger, and i do fully understand,should be directed at the ones who can sort out this crap about no codes and Fan verification crap for subbers, and that is Livenation. I Have a running complaint,still running and i doubt it will ever be resolved, the mods have Tried, tried to help, but sadly it is out of their hands, they do try to help and i appreciate them for that.
  12. I applied from the link posted on u2.com /front page, got no email. Nothing at all,nothing even to say i had not won...i am beginning to think the worst now ..... ,not looking good.
  13. Bigwave, please,please could you ask the Management about the subs gift and if it will be sent out marked as * gift * please. a lot of fans would like to know. , your help on this would be greatly appreciated on this question.
  14. My memory is as bad as a fish, but on this question i am 99 % sure of being able to mark the subs gift as a *gift was there when renewing in the previous years, well up to the 2017 vinyl gift when we then asked to * redeem * the subs gift..
  15. Michelle, will the position of the Red zone section be the same as last indoor tour gigs. ?
  16. I remember in the past,when re-subbing,there would be a tick box question on the gift,,, marked * gift*. As a European based subscriber, can the mods please confirm if the subscribers 2017 vinyls gift will be sent out marked *gift *.
  17. for 1x European show and use me other code for a another show, ie. 1x code for Dublin and one for London ?
  18. does anyone think U2willuse the lottery system that they used for the pit section on indoor legs, on the north American leg in 2005 ?
  19. i always thought that if there was new a , brand new tour, not a new leg, then subscribers would get a pre-sale code. just because we used a pre-sale code for the *previous* tour, why should subscribers have to renew again ?
  20. i have tried to to advise pple to do what you have suggested, i cannot do any more.. i , myself will contact Tm about my own duplicate tix for Amsterdam 2.
  21. i think most reports so far, are for plle sent tix via Tm in Uk., it seems Uk residents are having problems with these tix. for Amsterdam 2.
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