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  1. By the way I had to pay $325 a ticket for average seats at best.
  2. I sent an email to customer support twice. Looking for an explanation why I couldn’t purchase GA tickets with an experience presale code. I received a form email from them. The responder was Maritza. She just copied and pasted a form email and sent it to me. It took days to get that after a form email telling me someone would respond in 12 hrs. My membership goes back to the Proaganda day’s. That’s how long I’ve been a supporter. I am beyond pissed and want my money back from U2 and Ticketmaster. The Joshua Tree Tour presale went perfect. Don’t understand why they had to muck things up. I’ve has them mess up ticket presale 2 or 3 Times I’m the past. They’d fuck up a wet dream. Anyone else get a form email or did someone get some substantial email in return?
  3. "...I'm just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round..." lennon
  4. got fucked for tix by ticketmaster. second time this has happened to me with u2. have seen them since 87. fuckin pissed. had tix twice and then booted out.
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