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  1. planned for the end of NEXT year as said in the news 10am local of the venue Living in Finland there's no local venue, so, but I'm planning to go to London so that would mean around 12 am for me!?!
  2. Any news as to what time the pre-sale is due to start tomorrow? Also, any info on the prices of said tickets?!
  3. Thanks for this tip! I had no idea that Invisible was even on the cd and that it was literally invisible!?! And yes I found it, very clever U2! LOL
  4. Want to change my prpfile photo but I keep getting a error message saying I don't have permission! What?!

    1. Anjana


      Sometimes that has to do with the image extension, I think, some types of images aren't permitted

    2. Anjana


      or the size but usually that error message says the image is too large

  5. Use it everyday, I'm @LuthienBono! Check out my account and follow me and I'll follow you!!
  6. Bono having lunch yesterday with family at The Hungry Monk in Greystones!
  7. So it's official this download IS NOT available to anyone here in Finland! I received emails with links from both RED and u2.com for the download but all I get from iTunes is the following disappointing message THE ITEM YOU'RE LOOKING FOR CANNOT BE FOUND! And even though I was able to get the song, via a kind soul here on Zootopia, (thanks so much Chris, I owe you one! ) I would have still loved to have taken part in this but couldn't!! But I do really like the new song, definate New Order/Joy Division influence!
  8. Still not finding this song on the Finnish iTunes store! What a big let down!! A lot of fuss about nothing.....it truely is invisible!?!
  9. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/invisible-red-edit-version/id808571195 I know you're trying to help but doesn't work! As soon as I put in my Apple id, it tells me my id is only valid for the Finnish iTunes store and redirects me there, where it's not available!?!
  10. Yep it's official living in Finland sucks when it comes to stuff like this! Looks it won't be available at all here, if it's already available elsewhere!! And MacFoley's link doesn't work for me either saying that my id is only valid for the Finnish iTunes store!!
  11. Yes I've done all that, and when change stores to the US, UK and Ireland etc. I can see the countdown but when I return to the Finnish iTunes store, it's not there anymore! Yes, when it comes to stuff like this! It's probably some stupid copyright thing or something!?! So not fair!! All I can do is wait and see if it becomes available during the 24 hour period.
  12. Yeah, I've done all of that, several times, and the countdown is just not there!?!
  13. Still can't see the countdown on the Finnish iTunes store!?! Why is it Finland always gets left out of these things?! So not fair! I'm just hoping the song will become availabe for download during the 24 hour window!?!
  14. Didn't get to see the Golden Globes televized here in Finland, (sometimes it really sucks living out here in the back of beyond!) so hoping I'll get to see the Oscars, and that U2 win!
  15. Open up your iTunes, go to the store, you will see a countdown for the new U2 download. Well this is what I mean, I've being doing just that, opened iTunes and gone to the store but there's no countdown for the new U2 download on my iTunes!?! Okay proplem solved, I had to change the store from Finland to the US iTunes store! Now I can see the countdown!! But I still don't know if I'll be able to download the song coz I'm only valid the purchace via the Finnish account but this is free, so does it matter?!
  16. Yes, I've had iTunes on my computer for years but I just use in the play my music files. I've never downloaded anything, so have no idea how this will work!? I mean, will there be like an ad or a link to on click or what?!
  17. Still amuses me that no one at the museum recognized Bono and Edge when they visited!? But yeah, definately worth a visit if I ever find myself in Dublin in the near future! I visited the Irish Music Hall of Fame back in 2001 and there was just this one small corner dedicated to U2!!
  18. I don't use iTunes that much and never downloaded anything from them, so I've been wondering how will this work? Will the download be available via the European iTunes store or do have try and get onto the USA iTunes store?! I've know idea what to do!?!
  19. According the a lastest interview with Bono, U2 chose this song because "it's the first one we finished" and that "We have another song we're excited about to kick off the album" http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/music/2014/01/31/bono-discusses-new-u2-track-set-to-premiere-in-super-bowl-commercial/5032931/ What I want to know is, which iTunes shop will this song be available through? Is it just availlable via the USA store or will thoughs of us in Europe be able to download via the European iTunes store?!
  20. I've a quite a few photos of Bono at the WEF, here's a couple of my favourites..... Notice the Audi ad text on the wall above Bono....ring any bells?! Cameron and Bono....
  21. Came across this recent article about the museum. http://www.littlemuseum.ie/bono-edge-visit I find this very funny, that nobody recognized them! Were they wearing disguises or something!?!
  22. Re-runs of season 3 of the Walking Dead, and while season 4 is on a break. Also I just finished watching the British series Being Human season 1-3! Yeah, bought the box set about a week ago and I watched the whole 3 seasons within a week, couldn't stop watching the oh so sexy Aidan Turner (aka Kili fromThe Hobbit movies) as John Mitchell! Sexiest vampire eva!!!
  23. For those of you who haven't yet heard Dave Fannings interview with Larry from January, it can be found here: http://www.goear.com/listen/12aad15/larry-mullen-jr-en-the-dave-fanning-show-larry-mullen-jr
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