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  1. Now I’ve successfully renewed. Thank you, mich40 and Canadanne!
  2. Thank you i reentered a different email address but nothing changed. And couldn’t find anything to renew at u2 shop. I think I should contact customer service. Thanks anyway.
  3. Hi. My subscription will expire next month, but cannot renew ( I cannot find "renew button" or anything alike). I am a little worried to lose my long-time subscriber status to access presales for U2.com members. Anyone can suggest me what I should do or is it the same for everyone? Thanks
  4. Hi. just flown in from Japan to Dublin but still looking for a Pitch2 ticket. Could anyone help me please?????
  5. Hi. One Pitch2 ticket or RZ for Croke Park, 22 July, wanted. I am flying from Japan to see the boys playing in their hometown, which will be great for me anywhere in the venue. But still want to see them as close as possible! Thanks.
  6. Coldplay have B-stages in the section far from the main stage. So, I understand the prices are the same. As for U2, Pitch 1 is far from the stage and has no B-stage in it, but they are the same price. Does not make sense.
  7. Thank you for the quick reply! I will keep trying. I just need one Pitch 2 for Dublin.....
  8. Hi. I am in Red Hill Group, but missed Pitch 2 ticket for Dublin due to my work. My questions is: Will Pitch 2 tickets be added when the presale opens for Wires Group tomorrow? I need only 1 Pitch 2 ticket!! Thanks
  9. Thank you. No reply yet as of now. I will email again. Hi They replied me and sent replacements. I have not received them but seems everything will be fine. Thx
  10. Hi. I found that 3 of the 5 posters were damaged. At first I decided to ignore them as most of them can be framed out. But I feel uncomfortable now because some small parts of the poster images are also affected by the damages. Is it possible for them to be replaced or do I have to accept as they are? I send an email to customer service, but also post here because I experienced their slow response in the past and could not send the pictures of the posters. Thanks.
  11. Hi Were tickets (especially GA) sold at the box office of the venue today? I have no ticket for tomorrow at this moment and have to decide whether to wait until tomorrow or buy a ticket somewhere else in advance. Thanks
  12. Found it, thank you all. Now I need 1 GA for July 11th (if possible)!!!!!!!!
  13. Hi I am also looking for a ticket for July 10. I will be traveling to Boston this Friday without the ticket! I prefer to buy from fellow U2 fans here than resellers!
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