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  1. Good you have all you'r pic, and the contacts need a little bit more work lol.. But you did it!!! Congrats with your noo phone!
  2. You'r welcome, but we want to hear the results! And don't delete anything before you'r sure!!!
  3. If you have an Google account? (Gmail) try to save everyting to the account. When you finished try to log into the account with your new phone. And i think you can take everything down to your noo phone !
  4. Åhhh, you change Look good, and if you got a good deal. Great! And it's is alive and kicking
  5. If you go your way and i go mine, Are we so..... ;-)

    1. stanley14


      I think our friends have made a great great record ............AGAIN!! :-))

    2. pain_18_


      U2 are so cool!!!

    3. Anjana


      helpless against the tide

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  6. You have to try a new one/model, but i know! You walk best in you'r old shoes
  7. yes wait for a good deal, and samsung is a good choice. I'm not into iphone, i hang on to my old Sony.
  8. Good teacher lol. Hope they go home an google U2!! Did you buy a new phone?
  9. Saturday, U2 on the stereo, coffee in my cup, maybe a beer or two later... Can you ask for more? :)))

  10. I don't know what happend this morning, but i hear the bird sing when i go to work............ And it's late for the season??
  11. Have a nice weekend everybody! and take good care :-)

  12. Rainy sunday here, maybe i have to stay in the ZOO all day ............. ;-))

  13. Good night to you all !!

    1. stanley14


      Thank you Anja!

      No i wake up, and i don't win anything :-)

    2. Anjana
    3. pain_18_


      Same here...no winning...

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  14. Now i have my Deluxe 2 CD in my hand............................. YEAH :-)

    1. joshthetree


      Sweet its great all the bonus mater

    2. stanley14


      For the most bonus always good lol

    3. pain_18_


      Why was it Rude, Anjana ?

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  15. No i think the rain go alone. But very good you have a good work today!
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