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  1. Lucky you :)
  2. Wow wow wow, STILL the best band on the planet!!! Show was amazing, sound was amazing, Bono' s voice was SO amazing, seat was amazing!! Thank you U2 for the best show so far for my daughter and I!! <3 <3 <3

    1. Malahide
    2. Anjana
    3. Alcon


      Yea , they still have it & put on an excellent show , was just saying to alma1 that I really hope they progress to stadium in 2016

  3. U2 here we come!! :-)

    1. inter1


      let us know how it goes....

  4. What a great pic! Thanks for tonight!! My daughter and I are going tomorrow...... can't wait!!!
  5. Good, take one aspirin when you go to bed. it work for me!
  6. Hope you are better tomorrow bluegrace!!
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