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  1. Thanks U2 for letting all the RedZones go to touts! Code worth nothing!
  2. you didnt need a presale password it appears for red zone. so probably all te touts got em
  3. not cocming up for me what is that link
  4. where are red zone tickets for twicekkenham
  5. I need a ticket for tonight. Reasonably priced!
  6. Sabrina, I sent you a PM. I can try to help you out a little...
  7. No CC needed. NYC was only venue I believe not to do this.
  8. I've done numerous GA shows at MSG and to be honest it really isn't worth it to camp out at MSG for GA. First, there really isn't a good place to do it, Second, it really isn't necessary (especially with the way this show it setup). My advice show up mid-afternoon, or if you really want to spend an entire day on a crowded sidewalk in busy NYC on a hot, humid day in late July show up in the AM....
  9. Would like to get 2 GAs any night. Have 3 sets of 3 tickets/seats for 7/22 & 7/23 would trade.
  10. I have 3 tickets to 7/22 and 7/23 that I would be willing to trade. Two sets are the $85 seats. One set is on the bridge that overhangs.
  11. Innocence presale is tomorrow
  12. Do you just blast out info without doing the slightest bit of research? Ugh. It's like U2 never went on tour before. There is GA. GA is basically still the same price.
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