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  1. Hi. I might be interested in your ticket. I have 4 GA's. 2 are taken. I think I can tell the box office on the day of the show, I don't have the credit card and they will print them out. thanks, Greg
  2. kind of wondering about Pasadena too. Credit card entry only for GA doesn't really make sense. If I have a group of 4 and 2 ppl want to enter at 5pm and the other 2 ppl at 6pm, it doesn't really matter. My GA tickets are no better than someone else's GA tickets. Live Nation also holds back tickets until they know how many ppl they will let in the GA area after the local fire department reviews the setup.
  3. There is a way to get a printed ticket. Go to the box office of the venue and explain to them you don't have the credit you used to purchase the tickets. At this point they will ask for ID and ask you for the address on the account. Once they verify that they will print your tickets. You can also show them the purchase on your smartphone through the ticketmaster app.
  4. I plan on leaving after the 2nd show to return to Redmond. Where do you need to go in Seattle area? Ideally Sea-Tac. Let me know and I will see what I can do.
  5. Does anyone know what show Crazy and SBS were recorded from for the U22 fan vote last year?
  6. Click on "Account Info". The download should be there.
  7. For the next tour, you will likely be able to watch the show on your iPhone/Android/iPad/Surface tablet. It is funny because during the Zoo TV outside broadcast tour in 1992 I think either Larry or Bono said U2 would phone in their gigs.
  8. Do you think a fall release in 2013? Then again iTunes has ruined albums. Maybe they just release songs with no theme and one producer. I don't know anymore.
  9. From their history since Joshua Tree album and working with Eno and Lanois they tour every 4 or 5 years in the US. U2 released an album in 1987. They toured. They reappeared in the US in 1992 with Achtung Baby. Zoo TV tour ran 1992/93. They went away. Pop comes out. They tour again. 1997/98. They go away. Elevation tour is in 2001. Vertigo tour is in 2005/06. They do something else. U2 360 toured from 2009-11. It seems they tour every 4 years or so. They are such perfectionists in that they have to go one up from the tour before. I have seen 6 different tours and they are uniqu
  10. U2 operate on 4 year cycles. I am not sure if it their sales and marketing teams or if that is how long it takes Willie Williams to dream up the next tour. October 2013 is a likely since they like to release in the fall. Although 2014 would not surprise me.
  11. I have the same problem. I have sent a return request to Overstock.com. The problem is that the upper section with the vinyl on the right side sits lower. This is a problem with their manufacturer and quality; I have the same quality problem that you have.
  12. When I listen to POP it seems to lack a finishing touch.
  13. I think the "Haven't Found" clip you are referring to is from the Zoo TV tour stop in Montreal. This same clip can be found on Daniel Lanois' VHS tape "Rocky World". Yes I still have the VHS tape. I am just not sure what I can play it with. LOL. I like your track list. I don't know what Fanfire was thinking. Maybe they didn't have the licensing right in time. That is why the track listing was released so late.
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