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  1. This desperation
    Separation, condemnation
    Revelation in temptation
    Isolation, desolation
    Let it go
    And eat the cake away
    To let it go
    And eat the cake away
    To let it go
    Oh now, enjoy your birthday 
    Sorry Bono, how did you get so feckin’ old, I’m not far behind you. Have a fabulous day full of love and laughter, even if a socially distanced one.
    Anj xxx


  2. Back home from London after last night’s show. Just wow! These guys never fail to impress, the effort they put into their shows is extraordinary..and total respect for Bono,he is such a fantastic showman, love singing with him. Had a great view, sound was impeccable. At one point Adam was stood right in front of me, an arms length away, he even caught my eye ?. So wish we could have afforded a second night but feel privileged to still be able to see my favourite band live after all these years, love them. 

    (Saw uncle Mac too, he smiled up at us, Noel Gallagher walked by a few times, pretty sure Chris Martin was stood in front of me - he was taking notes to copy them ha ha ha, Bono’s son was about too)

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