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    1. Malahide


      What a coincidence. I just read and watched it on the BBC website! 

    2. Anjana


      They were on the main news channel here ?

  1. Pete, my understanding is you do have to resub by the 12th of this month if you want to be eligible for upcoming presale code UNLESS you didn’t use your JT presale code in which case you will get a new code without re-subbing early.
  2. Good to know, thank you for posting that:) ?
  3. I understand people’s reactions to TM and big corporation rules and T&C’s but I was really interested to read an article posted on the @u2 site giving some explanation as to why the situation came about and while I am wary of big corporations myself I do genuinely believe that U2 have protection of their fans best interests at heart. extract source https://www.atu2.com/news/sorting-through-u2-experience--innocence-tour-ticket-presales.html ”Ultimately, we have people like Ken Lowson to thank for where we are today with the Verified Fan system. He “broke” Ticketmaster through his
  4. I’m going to wait a few days but am generally assuming that if we didn’t have to follow those steps then they wouldn’t have appeared in our profiles or that there would have been some distinction bewteen U.K./U.S. - tho it isn’t entirely clear in the way it is written. Personally I will err on the side of caution and resub as that definitely seems to be the main criteria for presale eligibility even if there’s is a code connected to purchasing the album - I expect it’s the resub here that will prioritise U2 fans. Be patient peeps, at the end of the day until there is clarification we can
  5. Hope this article is of some help - it’s long but informative https://www.atu2.com/news/sorting-through-u2-experience--innocence-tour-ticket-presales.html
  6. Max, does it make a difference where the album is pre-ordered please?, i usually get mine from Amazon
  7. Confused. Does the 2018 resub/link to TM account etc only apply for North American presales? I am in U.K., do I need to resub etc at this stage?
  8. Happy Larroween you gorgeous beastie
  9. Apologies if this is posted elsewhere but here's an interview with Edge earlier today about the new single on BBC Radio 2 http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p05f99j6
  10. I like the song, except the chorus. Preferred Blackout. Bono sounds so good,, his vocals always surprise me, he nails that falsetto
  11. Ooooooh that was all a bit sexy ? 40 years on and still creating great sounds, fabulous! (PS. Is Larry turning into The Terminator?!)
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