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  1. Standing right next to this guy once again! He should have went to Boston for JT so 5th for me in the last 12 months. That is insane, these are the glory days!
  2. I'll be there. Maybe they would have some ticket giveaways there. I know if you see a Sirius tent somewhere you probably should check it out. I know they plan to play somewhat radically different songs for the Apollo, which will be sweet to listen to. I know the show with all the technology is the show but I wonder if they would maybe play a song or two extra that they will play at the Apollo just to try them out before that show?
  3. It is frustrating to say the least I have been listening all week and as much as it is great it is a little hard to listen to all the time with the show coming up this weekend. I have listened as much as possible online at work. I have called so many times but never gotten through. A number of times I have been driving and I have it on voice dial. The 9pm playing last night I was streaming via Alexa while taking a shower and I realized my phone was in the kitchen so I grabbed my towel and tore through the house and of course no luck. Heard the 8:30am just as I arrived at work and had
  4. the app does buffer, including across devices like say phone to pc. Be sure to hit GoLive every once and awhile to make sure you are as close to up to date as possible. Indeed I can wear headphones all day, but I can't drive around all day.
  5. I now feel like an idiot as I spent 20 minutes last night trying to get this to work and then gave up. Came here and see some people having the same problem I had and seeing others with success. Reading how some people said to just point at any image of the album cover even online makes it work, I then realized my problem. I was pointing at the outside of my vinyl box set. it is very cool design but it is NOT the album cover! LOL! Works great when you point it at the actual album cover, should be an interesting start of the show with everyone looking at their phones.
  6. Sorry for the bad luck. I actually just got a "bonus code". Wonder why that is? So looked out pf curiosity. Toronto is that way for me today, but also looked at other dates and they all appear that way now. Curious.
  7. Here is the update on Taylor v U2 Verified Fan sales experiences. One additional note, I have GA to Uniondale and seats for Newark so I am a very fortunate U2 fan, but I did get a code for Verified Fan sale for the MSG 2 date. Figured I would try to pull a couple of GAs if they could be had. Didn't even get a sniff, but I am very fortunate so no complaints. But back to Taylor. As described above we were in the Taylor Swift verified fan system. It was a little awkward with all the activities and indeed I think the exact system would not work for U2 as others have commented on. On Sat
  8. What!? I need that boost. I got pushed to second day for Taylor's pre-sale. Seriously. But, this is also hysterical!
  9. I guess I should also amend the question to would you go through this style or go through what we just went through? And indeed interesting on Stub Hub for Taylor. Those tickets would seem to be NFL season ticket holders who typically get the option to buy for their seat for shows, who knows but very curious that no floor seats are available for resale as those are not "seats" any season ticket holder would have.
  10. Hello all - for perspective I got two GAs to Uniondale via the Experience group pre-sale. Then I did get a code for the regular sale and the best I could do was upper level at b stage end in Newark. U2 veteran 1st show was 1987. I have done a number of verified fan sales over the last year. The first one was for Ed Sheeran in the spring. Point of context, I like Ed pretty good, but also have a 14 year old daughter and he is pretty much what U2 was to me at 14 so to be able to give her that concert experience is something I have great perspective on. Got a code and got lower lever seats
  11. It is fantastic. Nothing really revolutionary in terms of technology on delivery but a nice mix of songs spanning the career and great interview pieces. It is what us SiriusXM subscribers have enjoyed with Pearl Jam, Tom Petty, Springsteen and Beatles channels. and would kill for a U2 channel If you have Echo products it is a good introduction to voice empowered on demand music which does include Pandora and other free apps but it is indeed best used if you are a Prime customer. I have listened to probably 4 to 5 hours of it and today at work I am getting to a section that I did hear last
  12. Mix is no longer on the floor for arena shows.
  13. Also have Newark tickets and also bought to be at the last show. So far no add, hope it stays that way. If they were to add I would think it would be Saturday and not Thursday. In any case hopefully more fans can get into these.
  14. Also a Yankee fan, LOL. Here was my view in 2015 first show at MSG. Not as high as you will be. Not centered behind the stage so it worked out. Dead on I can see it being like you are missing out on the video stuff, but should still be a worthwhile event.
  15. Certainly so many real fans got shut out, and one thing no one is really talking about is the small number of shows. In NYC even with Uniondale and Newark that is only 3 shows versus 8 on IE. It is hard to compare nearly anything to U2 but if you look at Stub Hub as one measurement, there are on average 100 GA tickets per venue. Some tick up toward 200. Now I don't know how many people fit on the floor but my guess would be 1000 tops. So that means about 10% are being resold. The closest comparison I can find for playing the same venue with a GA and at least a similar fan base is the Foo
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