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  1. Standing right next to this guy once again! He should have went to Boston for JT so 5th for me in the last 12 months. That is insane, these are the glory days!
  2. I'll be there. Maybe they would have some ticket giveaways there. I know if you see a Sirius tent somewhere you probably should check it out. I know they plan to play somewhat radically different songs for the Apollo, which will be sweet to listen to. I know the show with all the technology is the show but I wonder if they would maybe play a song or two extra that they will play at the Apollo just to try them out before that show?
  3. It is frustrating to say the least I have been listening all week and as much as it is great it is a little hard to listen to all the time with the show coming up this weekend. I have listened as much as possible online at work. I have called so many times but never gotten through. A number of times I have been driving and I have it on voice dial. The 9pm playing last night I was streaming via Alexa while taking a shower and I realized my phone was in the kitchen so I grabbed my towel and tore through the house and of course no luck. Heard the 8:30am just as I arrived at work and had no luck but felt some relief that i could at least take a couple of hours off from listening. Thrilled for all that won, not truly upset that I haven't won and have tickets to a couple of shows and have seen them so many times over the years but as I enter all the different contests I absurdly feel like I should win one of them, right? Will keep trying another day. Looking forward to the Larry Mullen show that airs on Friday. it will be nice to hear from him, I certainly have heard all of the Bono, Edge and Adam excerpts multiple times now!
  4. the app does buffer, including across devices like say phone to pc. Be sure to hit GoLive every once and awhile to make sure you are as close to up to date as possible. Indeed I can wear headphones all day, but I can't drive around all day.
  5. I now feel like an idiot as I spent 20 minutes last night trying to get this to work and then gave up. Came here and see some people having the same problem I had and seeing others with success. Reading how some people said to just point at any image of the album cover even online makes it work, I then realized my problem. I was pointing at the outside of my vinyl box set. it is very cool design but it is NOT the album cover! LOL! Works great when you point it at the actual album cover, should be an interesting start of the show with everyone looking at their phones.
  6. This has had my heart sad all week and I have been listening to the catalog 24/7 since the news. Of course her family are foremost in my thoughts. But it also takes me right back to 93 which is when I met my wife, their music has always been a connection to that time. The first time I got hold of an HD camera I shot footage of our 3 year old playing on a playground and Dreams was the music I put to it. For those of us that love music we recognize the magic that happens when a group builds something greater than their individual parts like our boys in U2. But sometimes there is a player or singer who has a unique sound that transcends anything around them. No matter what kind of music you like it, is undeniable that Dolores' voice was the sound of angels. I am glad I got to listen to it.
  7. Sorry for the bad luck. I actually just got a "bonus code". Wonder why that is? So looked out pf curiosity. Toronto is that way for me today, but also looked at other dates and they all appear that way now. Curious.
  8. Here is the update on Taylor v U2 Verified Fan sales experiences. One additional note, I have GA to Uniondale and seats for Newark so I am a very fortunate U2 fan, but I did get a code for Verified Fan sale for the MSG 2 date. Figured I would try to pull a couple of GAs if they could be had. Didn't even get a sniff, but I am very fortunate so no complaints. But back to Taylor. As described above we were in the Taylor Swift verified fan system. It was a little awkward with all the activities and indeed I think the exact system would not work for U2 as others have commented on. On Saturday we got an email saying that we were literally being put in a line and that codes would go out essentially one by one in your order of standing. Pre-sales would begin Tuesday and I got a time of Wednesday evening from 6pm to 7pm when I would get a code. We didn't buy any Merch or look for UPS trucks in the activities but we did buy the album and we did sign up for the Verified system the minute it came out. So that left us in a decent position as I think pre-sales go through Saturday. On Wednesday I looked a little into what the prices were for the different sections and the GA pits. The posted regular prices were $50 upper level - $250 for the floor. All in all with here past pricing and U2 stadium prices I consider this pretty fair for the market today. Our main question was were the Pit tickets $250 and would we pay that much for them and then if not how much do we have to pay for decent seats? My feeling was if we were looking at paying $175 for seats just pay the $250 and be up close. What I saw online was some complaints about delays getting codes and a huge amount of complaints over really high prices! Sound familiar? We picked Philadelphia because the date worked best for us. I have never been to the stadium there so i printed out a seat chart so I would have an idea where any tickets that got pulled for us would be. At 6:11pm I got a text with a link and then a text with a code. I had the laptop open to the Taylor Ticketmaster page. The way it worked was even if you searched for Taylor dates it gave you a password protected page, so you can't even get into anything without a code. I entered the code which opened up all the dates. (even though we selected Philadelphia in the process, we were allowed to pick a different date if desired.) I selected the Philadelphia link. it opened the next TM page which was a seat map page of the entire venue, but I had to enter the code again to see them. So I was then looking at the exact seats to choose from. This is standard with most locations now, but after huge onsales where that doesn't work when you have everyone trying all at once. There were seats available in nearly every section. The front floor had none in a couple sections directly in front but there were seats on the wings of the floor and towards the back of the floor. There were plenty of lower level seats, a fair amount of club level seats and a ton of upper level seats available. there were also tons of Pit seats available. I selected the Pit and instead of them being $250 they were all deemed VIP tickets and were going for $850 each. Looked around on the floor. Anything close was also deemed as VIP floor seating and were going for $450 to $600. There were some $250 floor seats all the way in the back. Quickly looked at lower level prices and then headed to the Club level. We like the club level for seats as the smaller crowds for food and drinks and bathrooms and merchandise are very nice. So we headed to that section and picked some seats about mid way back and got them for $135 each. When actually selecting the seat i had to put my special code in again for a third time. I don't know if this actually helps to stop code generating programs or not. So in the end in just a few minutes we ended up with seats that we picked and were generally about what we expected to get both location and price wise. All in all it was a pretty good experience in the picking of the seats. I had my daughter with me so she could help pick. I know it is a related but separate issue on the prices but my 14 year old daughter has been a Taylor fan for easily half her life and she has seen her on every tour. When I showed her the pit and floor prices she rightly said that it was absurd and did not one bit feel like she should ask us to spend that much. another side note, she does not like U2, but in addition to Taylor she loves Ed Sheeran, Panic at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Cage the Elephant and Portugal the Man and we have seen all of them this year. But she also like old people music went to see Paul McCartney, Green Day, Billy Joel, Bryan Ferry and Elvis Costello with me this year. So she has a good appreciation for both music and the "value" of live music. I can't say it was a better experience than U2 but it was an interesting way to get tickets and while we may complain about the methods, in the end I think the power these artists have to pull unreasonable prices from their fans may be just as big a crime as what scalpers do.
  9. What!? I need that boost. I got pushed to second day for Taylor's pre-sale. Seriously. But, this is also hysterical!
  10. I am sure some of the same stories are relayed but also they have some classic tracks like I Will Follow, Pride, new Year's Day in the list as well. Just a little extra treat on this U2 day.
  11. No usually a minute or two of the band members talking about the songs
  12. for those of you with Amazon Music or Echo accounts there is a Side by Side playlist that has many of the new songs plus greatest hits that come with band commentary. So far this is completely different content from the U2 Experience they had the last two days. Interesting insights even though it is taking away from listening to the album a 3rd time today
  13. I got an email from Ticketmaster last night with FedEx tracking info saying my copies will arrive on Monday. They are coming from Virginia. So my guess is if you live closer to a TM distribution point you may get them today or tomorrow.
  14. I guess I should also amend the question to would you go through this style or go through what we just went through? And indeed interesting on Stub Hub for Taylor. Those tickets would seem to be NFL season ticket holders who typically get the option to buy for their seat for shows, who knows but very curious that no floor seats are available for resale as those are not "seats" any season ticket holder would have.
  15. Hello all - for perspective I got two GAs to Uniondale via the Experience group pre-sale. Then I did get a code for the regular sale and the best I could do was upper level at b stage end in Newark. U2 veteran 1st show was 1987. I have done a number of verified fan sales over the last year. The first one was for Ed Sheeran in the spring. Point of context, I like Ed pretty good, but also have a 14 year old daughter and he is pretty much what U2 was to me at 14 so to be able to give her that concert experience is something I have great perspective on. Got a code and got lower lever seats in Brooklyn. about half way back, there was no GA floor. Given the insane demand for his tickets I took that as a win. Then I registered for Bruce on Broadway. Got an email saying I would not be getting a code for tickets. Interestingly, he just extended his run and I got another email saying I was already registered and to look for a code in late December. Then Ed Sheeran announced his 2018 dates and I got a verified code and managed to get floor seats in the 15th row, so another win. (Another point of context I just took best available which was top price level of $120 not $390 like our boys). But now to Taylor Swift, again primarily for the kid, but she does put on a great show. You had to register as a verified fan. Like U2 you had to confirm your TM account and phone number and email. Then you are entered into a portal where you earn your place in line. Instead of getting the CD for free with ticket purchase, this method gives you a big boost in your line position if you buy the album. This seems like an entirely fair way to determine a fan. There is no doubt that a scalper would spend $20 on a CD package to get tickets to then mark up. But it does take actual work of getting the CD, physically getting the code out of it and adding it to your account in the portal. You also get "boosts" for following her on social media and watching her videos and if you buy any other of her merchandise. Again this is all stuff that a typical U2 fan would also do. Then about a month into the process when she announced the actual dates we got an email to go to the portal and when there you had to answer some questions. Which show did you want to go to? How many tickets do you want? if you can't go to the you preferred date, what other shows would you be interested in going to? Would you want VIP tickets? And lastly how much will you pay for tickets? For this there was a sliding scale that ranged from $50 to $350. Then this week the fighting for your spot in line was frozen and we got an email saying we would get another email this Saturday December 2nd which would give you a code and be good for one of the following days to get tickets: Date Ticket Selection Tue 12/5 The Best - Access to the greatest variety in the venue Wed 12/6 Excellent - All price levels likely to have seats available Thu 12/7 Good/Fair - Varied selection throughout most of the venue; may only have single seats in high-demand sections Fri 12/8 Limited - Some selection in the upper and middle bowl; high-demand areas such as the floor may be sold out The website had a graphic with another scale all along ranking your spot from "Poor" ( i think maybe another term) up to "Priority" with a purchase and watching some of the content we were always pretty high but not at the top or anything. So I don't have my date or even tickets yet but it has certainly been an interesting process that I could see scalpers being less interested in jumping through all the hoops. The other thing that was interesting was right after they closed the registration she added dates in some cities but not all of them. I take this to mean they have a great idea on how many people are going to buy and where based on the registration. And last point, the next day I did get a venue pre-sale registration email from metLife Stadium saying the stuff we are used to "this does not mean you will get a code" So would something like this work for U2? Would U2 fans do it? She doesn't have a 30 year plus fan club base so that is a different factor, but I would be curious who would want to go through this for tickets?
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