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  1. Did anyone else who went to the show catch Bono saying "hold on a minute" before the first encore after they said thank you? My wife and I looked at each other and said "Sure, we can hang out a little bit while you prepare to come back on stage!"
  2. Was at the show! Utterly fantastic and a brave gamble to not play Streets, but I felt the entire show and song selection worked well! The guys have so many hits and songs that it's prob tough to pick and choose what to play. Maybe the next go around they bring back Streets and it will return with even more fire to the fan base due to the break. Great show, go see it!
  3. Thanks for the update!!
  4. So did anyone order the fan package (VIP, Gold, Silver) and not receive their exclusive U2 tour gift? Just checking as I have not received anything and emails to Ticketmaster's have gone unanswered. Thanks!
  5. I was actually thinking they would open with American Soul, I think that would be a great opener and would set the tone for other songs off Achtung Baby.
  6. Any recommendations for a good spot in Tulsa? Could be near the BOK, could be near restaurants. Thoughts?
  7. Last time they were here on the Innocence run they didn't hit all the cities. Missed out as I held out on my presale code hoping they would come somewhere closer to where I was at. This time I didn't wait, just grabbed the closest place to me! Looking forward to seeing them in the arena this time around!
  8. In can understand that. I buy seats now as well just cause of the standing all day to get the best spot. Then you stand some more waiting for the show. Then stand during the show.....Not as young as I used to be.
  9. U2 has always offered affordable seats on their tour with GA. Yeah, the seating may be a bit pricey, but they do offer cheaper alternatives that are closest to them. Why didnt you get those?
  10. I definitely am! Got my tickets (which went very smooth) and can't wait for to see them! Now just got to the hotel!
  11. Used the desktop and it went smooth! Scored 2 tickets for Tulsa in a great spot! Sorry to hear others not having codes....hope they fix those as quickly as possible as I think you can still score some very good seats or GA.
  12. Couldn't agree more! This was quick and painless. Didn't really feel pressured at all. This is a great way to do things! Hope everyone else had just as easy a time!
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