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  1. Yeah a new 'live' CD would be great, I love from U22 and Edges Picks
  2. Prizes posted - please let me know when they arrive - cheers
  3. joshthetree


    Lol great tshirt and really funny picture ... I really like that one =0)
  4. Ps got a few ideas in the pipeline for next year ;0)
  5. Thanks very much everyone for taking part and making it into a global event! The winners are: stubby - Another Time Another Place vinyl mich40 - Songs of Innocence deluxe CD. Please PM me with your mailing addresses and I will get them in the post to you both asap. Thanks again for taking part in U2 Global T Shirt Day!
  6. Happy 40th U2 looking forward to the next album
  7. Me in New Brighton opposite Liverpool UK today
  8. Thank you! That would be us! @U2DesireGR Facebook.com/U2FanClubDesire You're welcome ... terrific idea. Looking forward to your video tomorrow. Have a great one
  9. Nice one! Great photo hope you enjoyed the show ... sounded great
  10. Post a pic if you can on the day cheers =0)
  11. Great hope we get a few pix posted *fingers crossed*
  12. Band Aid ... Live Aid ... Artists Against Apartheid ... Self Aid ... Shut Sellafield ... NetAid .... One Campaign ... RED #U240
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