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  1. Awesome got it today it's brilliant. Looking forward to the Nelson Mandela soundtrack album out soon. Hope we get Ordinary Love on that for the non-record player owning fans
  2. Oh great another vinyl for a U2 fan who no longer has a record player I'll have to file that one under Wide Awake in Europe
  3. Last option for me. How about in the meantime we get the next Best of Instalment?
  4. Great article thanks for posting. Don't forget the DVD and CD with U2 content 'iReleased!' is out Monday
  5. Cool thanks for posting the link. Wonder if that new U2/ BB King studio recording of 'When Love Comes to Town' will feature on some Rattle & Hum release soon?
  6. Nice video clip thanks for posting the link somethings cooking
  7. It's dead simple really Larry, just bin all the new gimmicks and over production and get back to some raw music
  8. I'm quite happy with what you're already doing cheers and will leave that decision to you
  9. a bit special, a little out of the ordinary... No exclusive mentioned, no unbelivable announcement, nothing of real big thing happening So why are you complaining? It was not even limited to paid subs only. Surely in this case someone would have complained for this reason (should have been for all the fans, not just the "wealthy" ones ecc.ecc.) Ok the news was all over the net. So what? there was no trailer around the web anyway. So the trailer here was exclusive I'm happy of what happened, no big expactations depending on what I read in the mail. I might be the only one m
  10. Yeah that would have been a terrific idea, must be too busy on the new album or saving the planet
  11. I whinge and am not a 'yes' fan, but I liked the clip and song snippet. glad it wasn't another flipping remix But agree that it would be great to get more new material to listen too, after all there's 3 or 4 albums worth by now, surely?!
  12. Yeah if you listen to the soundtrack album you get a different version from 'Achtung Baby' it like a demo http://www.u2wanderer.org/disco/movie02.html But you're right 'North Star' never made it to the 'Transformers' soundtrack and the alternative version of 'Winter' wasn't released either. But keeping fingers crossed for this one Played that trailer a few times now and the movie looks great. The snippet of the new song is great but not enough, I want to hear the whole thing, but what I have heard sounds really amazing
  13. I've played that trailer a few times now and two things.... (1) Can't wait to see that movie looks really well made (2) The new U2 track snippet sounds great love it
  14. only my german sheppherd snoring next to me on the sofa
  15. Good to hear some new music, look forward to hear it in it's entirety. Is that the song Chris Martin contributed to? Sounds a little Coldplay-esque. Like it though. Happy (mod edit - opened this as new topic to discuss the song / snippet / trailer - BW)
  16. cool the international space station checks in
  17. joshthetree


    How cool is that???? Very!
  18. Great article thanks for posting. I'm really looking forward to this
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