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  1. nice one, bet yer buzzing. still waiting on mine - got the regular cd from hmv.com already and it's brilliant
  2. it's the best u2 album ever - can't understand the disappointment in some quarters
  3. Moment of Surrender' is my favorite. Very hard question I loveall the album, it's their best ever. I can't understand why some folk on here keep bashing it and expecting more than it is. It's a totallyamazing collection of songs
  4. ..."When we took the photographs, we thought it was a very powerful visual graphic image. We then drove off, and I don't know if we'll ever find that Joshua tree again. I don't know if anyone will ever find that Joshua tree again -- I hope that if people do find the Joshua tree they won't cut it down and take it home and stick it to the wall --- or bring it to a gig!! ('Hey Baaano! I got yer tree!')" Bono 01/01/87 U2 World Service Propaganda magazine. In 1987 when I first opened up the Joshua Tree album, I was spell bound by Anton Corbijn's photos of the desert and particularly the tree and de
  5. photo: copyright joshthetree 2001 I loved the Elevation tour during 2001 we were very, very lucky and managed to get tickets to Madison Square Garden in New York City in June* and then most of the UK shows including both nights in the MEN Arena, Manchester, both shows at the NEC Birmingham and all four nights at Earls Court, London. The UK shows were very special as we managed to get GA tickets to most of them, through the venue box offices via the Internet, it was amazing that we had no trouble at all in getting internet tickets (how times have changed). For the first time since 'The Love Tow
  6. Here's Part 2 of the U2 shows I've been to (source data from www.u2tours.com): The Joshua Tree Tour June 12, 1987 at London, England (GA pitch front rail): Venue: Wembley Stadium. Opening Act(s): World Party, Spear of Destiny, The Pretenders Main Set: Where the Streets Have No Name, I Will Follow, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - Exodus, MLK, The Unforgettable Fire, Bullet The Blue Sky, Running to Stand Still, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Exit, In God's Country, Trip Through Your Wires, People Get Ready, Bad, October, New Year's Day, Pride Encore(s): Party Girl, Gloria, With or With
  7. songsrlikesmells wrote: Watched it on TV. Were you there? What was the sound like on the ground? great choice of songs 'magnificent' sounded good 'live' vertigo i liked the best
  8. sandraxxxcraig wrote: WOW! you are very lucky!! saw it freeview by pressingthe remote red button, probablya better view. i would have gone if .com had told us it was happening
  9. 'live' on the roof of the BBC it was great!
  10. I ordered my copy of No Line on The Horizon from HMV and received it yesterday,wooohooo Won't bore you with a track by track review but here's my thoughts.... after listening to it 6 times back to back here's my verdict very modern, better than the majority of the nineties and noughties material including 'achtung baby', 'zooropa', 'dismantle' and 'all that you cant leave' (though they had some great tunes on them like kite, newyork, beautiful day, vertigo, yahweh). it's up there with 'war', 'the unforgetttable fire', 'the joshua tree', 'pop' and 'electrical st
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