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  1. I was wise enough to send my dog elsewhere until I recover from the second vaccination. I'm not so much sick as I feel like I'm 192 years old. (at least) I'm back to deciding which is greater: my need to get up to use the bathroom or my desire to not make a move and do absolutely nothing. It's ridiculous. I wanna slap myself, say get up and do something, ya little birch. I'm too tired. 🤣
  2. When Invisible started, all I could think was, 'My God, they've done it again. This is going to pretty much define indoor concerts for a long time.' I then got to see it three other times and watch the faces of my friends and brother as they realized maybe I'm not so insane to be constantly mentioning how amazing U2 is. I also finally got my brother to admit Edge was a great guitar player and not all about special effects. That one, I'll be milking for a very long time as it's my little brother and I was right! Thanks, U2.
  3. IE: I purposely went to the first night in Chicago alone. I got to the venue quite early. I had two and a half hours to kill. I found my seat, wondered what I was going to do for the next two hours and then saw the barricage. What the hell is that thing? Okay. I know it's a screen of some sort but my gosh that thing is rather ominous. How the hell did they suspend that? Why is it so deep? Are there going to be images on the ends? What the heck are they going to do? Before I knew it, I was running to the bathroom because the show was about to begin.
  4. Here we go with formatting... 😶 (I'm just joking around-please don't take this too seriously) They could erect statues of each Zootopian in solid platinum and some of us would think they used the wrong photo-we wanted the other one that captured our good side. (myself included) It always comes back to formatting... Lol
  5. I am very happy. I finally got botox shots for headaches, for the first time in a year. It's been about a month and they are helping. The severe ones have reduced by over fifty percent. I could give other guess-timations; all of them pointing to the shots working. This is great news. This past year has been one of severe pain on top of being sheltered in place. I am also feeling very thankful, grateful and exceptionally fortunate that I'm now fully vaccinated against Covid-19. My thoughts/prayers are with/for everyone else being vaccinated soon. It looks like they are working well.
  6. I'm watching the news I can find about what is happening in Brazil. I hope you get the vaccines sooner. From what they are saying here, you have a very good medical system in place to allow vaccinations. That's through new reports so pardon me if I am misquoting. I'm begging the powers that be to help everyone get vaccinated; multiple times a day and I'm being obnoxious about it. 🙂
  7. I live in America. I used the US U2 shop. I ordered the dark grey Slane Caste virtual tour tee shirt. They sent the heather grey one by mistake. I got it the Saturday before Easter. I emailed immediately, by replying to the email I get saying an item has been sent from the U2 shop. The Monday after Easter, I got a response, asking me to send a photo(s) as proof I received the wrong item. I sent them immediately. About an hour later, I got another email saying they were sending out the correct tee shirt. He attached a return label to that email for the incorrect shirt. It's one wee
  8. I did not know one could do that from such a distance. Fast little bugger. Sounds like it was vindictive too, from what the article said.
  9. I also got a new couch. It was a great deal and is being custom made. This one is wide enough that my dog can lie with me on it. The one I have is not.
  10. I got my second Moderna vaccination today. While I was getting it, I got a text saying one of my favorite bands, Dawes, just announced a tour. I'll be seeing at least three of those shows and they always announce more for Spring. They are even coming to a venue I can walk to, drink and safely walk home. Normally, I've got quite a drive and cannot drink. That's six concerts in my future, including these three Dawes shows.
  11. Thanks, everyone. I hope you have a nice weekend. Hopefully we can see U2 in person and all be safe and happy soon. Peace.
  12. I hope the lead singer of EODM found some peace. He was having a rough time for a while and people got all over him. I hope he's better now.
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