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  1. I've even been trying for tickets for Amsterdam - yet again no standing, only seats available are the worst nosebleeds you could imagine. Disgrace. As for both stadiums being entirely sold out of standing tickets ....nah, just nah.
  2. OK I give up. I'm not being taken to the cleaners for a couple of seats, when all i want is GA. It's great you sign up to get access but only access to super expensive seats, or take your chances with the public on monday morning, roll the dice and still be £50 out of pocket. absolute shambles.
  3. Sure I can get seats if I want to spend £400, but I only want standing plus I'm not paying £400!! It's a disgrace, no TM support, just sorry no standing available.
  4. I've been selecting tickets for a couple of hours, putting in my code and everytime i get sorry nothing availble .... I only want to GA tickets ...
  5. Absolutly fantasic job U2, been trying for hours to get anything for Twickenham, everytime i get no tickets availble. tried calling TM no help, all automated messages. Bang up job. Can anyone help?
  6. pathetic thread. are you so desperate to bump up your post counts?, do they mean that much?.
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