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  1. There is also 1 each night, somewhere near the Amsterdam Arena.
  2. Yeah i know... Berlin and Dublin got this separated parts of GA. In Dublin they sold it as Pitch 1 and 2. But it's not really a fan-area like 360 tour. Rome and Barca didn't got it...
  3. All details are @ the website mojo.nl 17:00 uur - Doors open19:00 uur - Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds19:55 uur - Pauze / changeover20:40 uur - U223:00 uur - End of the show (approximately) There are 2 lines, G and J. There won't be special lines for collectors No fan-area for normal GA, there is only the redzone of course. But you mean an area like the 360 tour...no this tour there won't be any There will be giving out GA bracelets, just like the other gigs. And time of queuing : depends on where you want to stand in the fie
  4. Hi ! Who else is going alone and wanna meet up? I have GA, entrance G.
  5. I'm 33 2005 Vertigo Tour Amsterdam 1 & 2 2009 360 Tour Amsterdam 1 & 2 2015 IE Tour Amsterdam 1 And i'm going to Amsterdam 1 ( July 29th )
  6. Are you going to the 29th or 30th ? I'm going alone also. I'm going the 29th and i have GA - Entrance G I see that you posted a month ago, already found an hotel?
  7. I kwew it wouldn't work out. People don't want to hold a paper, they want to hold their phone/camera to capture the moment! Or don't want to hold anything and just enjoy the concert. It would have been better if they did it before U2 came back on stage for the encore.
  8. I had GA for the first night and I arrived at 3 pm. i was standing next to Boca Cafe (?) in the queue. maybe 500 people in front of me. One hour later the queue was already under the bridge. Ziggo Dome has the largest floor of the whole tour. (or one of the largest) I was standing front row at the E-stage on the southside, the stairs where Bono came up the stage was in front of me. But i think you have to be lucky. A lot of the 500 people went to the main stage, it was already very crowded over there when i walked into the GA.
  9. Trying for Sept. 13th.... :-) hopefully I'll have some Irish luck :-)
  10. @ rhjannink @ Marliesijsvelt U2 said : We are going to try to have a completely different feeling from night one to night two. So, I don't think it will be 1 acoustic and 1 rock concert. They never said something like that. Normally they play a 'basic' setlist , with some songs they shuffle with. With this tour, i think it will be different. Maybe there won't be 2 setlists the same in the European tour or the whole tour. Hopefully U2 will tell us the more about the tour, soon.
  11. it's a horseshoe shape, so no seats all around, the stage in this venue is always there. I saw an map of SAP center San Jose. That's a detailled one. With the stage, a long catwalk and a b-stage. It looks a little bit the same as Ziggo Dome.
  12. Check the reviews on Tripadvisor.com for a hotel. And if you have a question, just ask... i see that there are some people from Amsterdam here. (or like to go there, just like me...)
  13. I so like being able to bike down to the venue I would like that too, but then they have to go to de Kuip.
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