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  1. The Belfast show tonight will be my 50th U2 concert ✌️. Hoping to hear Landlady and Daddy’s Gonna Pay......??
  2. Be quick and good luck brothers and sisters.
  3. Man, what a set of fuc*ers........karma will work it out.......have a great weekend.....
  4. Just noticed tickets available for the Friday show in Manchester and the tickets in block 111 are nearly half the price of the ones I bought months ago...........WTF....??
  5. Sooooo glad B is going to be fine. I was there and he was visibly terrified by the whole thing. Fingers crossed for his continued good health.
  6. Another ticket drop, GA available now
  7. The sound was much better in St Louis than Tulsa.....we could actually hear the bass. Adam bossed the show, amazing. Not sure what happened to the bass in Tulsa??
  8. The GA line organisation had gone way over the top and it seems people take the p*ss big style, going missing for hours on end and turning up 2 hours before show time looking extremely fresh. I’ve done GA lines since the 90s but am dismayed by the elitism currently going down. I tried to chat to a few of the ringleaders just to say hey and get the latest u2 news. A turd in a swimming pool would have been more welcome. What is wrong with these guys. I chatted with other fans further back in line and had a great time. Shame a small few are spoiling the vibe, idiots.
  9. It was six songs in St Louis inc the above Elevation and Vertigo
  10. Red Zone 2 tickets available for San Jose 2 ........ Not re-sale tickets
  11. Great song but needs a rest in the live shows IMO
  12. I've just been having a look on TM and there are still lots of tickets available for the opening show in various price categories. No GA I'm afraid.
  13. Sweet fire of love like a song drowning man hallelujah, here she comes dancing barefoot
  14. We also got when love comes to town and the troubles in Vancouver on I & E which was quality
  15. I think you are right and suspect around 7 songs will figure from SOE. I think several songs are ready for a well deserved rest such as Elevation, Beautiful Day, Bullet, WOWY, One. maybe time to update 11 O'clock Tick Tock, Gloria and bring out some rarities. it will be interesting to see what they kick off with in Tulsa.
  16. Like a song Drowning Man Acrobat Sweet Fire Of Love Dancing Barefoot
  17. There are many people attending their 1st or 2nd U2 gig and they will be looking for the hits so it's a tough job to please everyone I guess. I'd love Exit to feature as that was just epic on JT17. There has been talk that the band will be featuring a number of rarities this tour so hoping we all get something we want.
  18. I'm hoping we get a couple of gems from War, Like A Song or Drowning Man would be amazing, would also like to dig the Zooropa vibe, Dirty Day, Daddy's Gonna Pay, Lemon.....yes.....fabulous low key album, very under rated.
  19. I went to u2shop, then my order status and clicked on the relevant order then followed the link from there. Good luck.
  20. Message of hope for those still waiting - mine arrived in perfect condition today. That is 10 days since emailing Live Nation and 6 days since receiving a shipping email. I'm in the uk. hope everyone gets sorted soon. They are very nice.
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