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  1. yep philo in sydney....... but heading to optus stadium in november from irlando as phil used to say
  2. ill be dropping into porterhouse for sure on route as im staying 10 minutes from pub
  3. just noticed somthing, is u2 optus perth alcohol free???
  4. Well got red zone for Saturday 🤗,haven’t heard anything from tikettekss regards Friday collecter ticket,hope everything is ok ,Sydney n Perth tickets in bag,my nephew is all excited even though he’s not one of Bono’s fans-it’s an Irish thing😊,I’ll be in Perth where he lives on the Monday,so full week with him n gig on Wednesday,really looking forward to Australia,my wife twisted my arm to head south,poor me😀
  5. My daughter was on an intern in Chicago a few years ago on innocence tour,after a full day n a late night after gig in united center,we went to pippans bar for a few late ones ,I had enough so at 2amish,we walked to get taxi back to my daughters place,walked around corner,front of Hyatt hotel was a man I knew to see from my hometown in Kildare,hows it goin I said what are you doing here,u2 security he said,at that moment he said wait there,n who walks out only larence,he was very good n chatted to me n my daughter for a good 20 minutes,no airs or graces,lots of photos also,I’ll keep an eye out
  6. Cheers man,I’ll have a go,sounds great,god be with the days🤗,Croke Park ‘87 was something special ,in that world in action documentary at the start “where streets ...myself n my buddy in the front bopping you can see clearly n another friend deceased a few year back also 👍,,so fast forward 32 years n Sydney a town I know so well,
  7. Just thinking I was actually living in Sydney when jtree was released, I was in oz 86 to 88,Sydney n Melbourne working,bought the cassette n remember heading back to house n 6 Irish lads listing,nothing like they done before brilliant 👍,so proud of being Irish,now my wife has twisted my arm n heading back to Sydney with hopefully a ticket in the next presale,I have 2 for Perth my nephew who lives there is coming,up in the air about collecter ticket I got on last presale, but you never know,here’s to next Thursday 🤞🤞
  8. Here’s hoping a second Sydney is announced,I can still use my presale code and won’t have to arrive ticketless,
  9. Haven’t heard anything from Ticketek,now I’ve read tickmaster only send to Australia address,nothing about that from Ticketek ,so I’m going with dispatch time which is 1 month before gig in Sydney,and if I arrive ticketless surely something can be done,I’m sure lots of people lost in the past??
  10. Asked all those questions just reply nothing they can do
  11. I have just been informed by Ticketek that there’s nothing they can do regarding collecter tickets delivery,I got 1 for Sydney 388 dollars ,I didn’t know they only deliver to aussie address,I’m traveling from Ireland a week before gig,ticketless 😢,they say it would take 10-15 days ,don’t think so it has taken up to 6 weeks or more for a letter to arrive to my nephew who lives over there,388 dollars down the swany ☹️☹️
  12. I know it November is a long way away,but just noticed collecter tickets will be dispatched a month before gig,I got two for myself n my nephew who lives in Sydney,I’m heading over from Ireland on the Wednesday before,now I sent a Christmas card last year from Ireland my nephew n his wife got it 6 weeks later☹️😒,Jesus a month??anyone ever come across this
  13. 🤗👍🇮🇪,thanks went straight to my email n went like a breeze,big problem trying straight on Ticketmaster,anyway thanks again👍✌️
  14. No joy,🙄🙄I just have a mobile private n work one,same “happening now “🥵
  15. Have had terrible problems trying to get Perth tickets,after an hour just stopped refreshing,just says happening now but no way can I get in?????
    myself and my wife came over from kildare ,stayed 2 nights in manchester., seen u2 on elevation tour in manchester also. But have to say 1st night for me was up there with the best nights.... chicago 2015,new york 2009, boston 2001, slane 2001, point depot 1989,milton keynes -croke park 1985,sfx 1982, rds 1982 , hammersmith palais london 1981 all great nights. Manchester 2018 definitley up there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were lucky to get 2 tkts for dublin 2018 but for the 1st time was asked to sit down not ounce but twice at a u2 concert
  16. good dublin pubs donoughues baggot street, mc daids harry street, statue of the great phil lynnot thin lizzy just outside mcdaids check these pubs out, bono threw a 50th birthday party for sean penn in donoghues
  17. as ive said before no need to q,just enjoy your day around dublin,if you have ga tkts head in around 6ish, you have great view no matter, its not like the old days when it was bedlam,were all a bit older now....enjoy
  18. just a tip, Start off in o'donoghues baggot street, 2nd stop mc daids harry street,3rd stop the stags head 1 dame court, murrays on o connell street usualy do a u2 themed day with tribute bands and then a short walk to croker ,enjoy
  19. i think your mad to q,i mean your better of havin a few beers and enjoy the atmosphere of the city,You'll get a great position anyways and great view of the band if you arrive an hour or2 before kick off!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. yes i was there in croke park with a couple of my buddys,and cork a week later.In that world in action docu you can clearly see myself n a friend jumping up and down to streets a couple of times!! And yes hair was a "little"longer great memories.To this day i hav'nt missed a tour from the boy album,and lucky to catch them in boston new york n several times in uk
  21. electrc company .and we mean it man............................johnny rottren
  22. again great day/night in dublin,pints in O'Donoghues,doheny nessbits,etc been to chicago and london brilliant memories,met larence in chicago at 3am by chance outside pippins tavern after gig in united centre,hav'nt missed a tour in ireland since slane 1981,and have to admit always brilliant people at gigs, everyone there to enoy the band,last night though "28th" my wife happened to leave me to go to toilet ,we were near stage,when she tried to get back to me she met an iron gate ,3 people not irish , blocked her with elbows etc,anyway she finaly got to me,you always have the odd 2 or 3!! anyw
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