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  1. I've just been told about #TimsTwitterListeningParty on Twitter, run by the Charlatans' Tim Burgess (https://timstwitterlisteningparty.com/). It seems to be like our DVD-watching parties but with classic albums, and the artists themselves join in with relevant anecdotes. Would be great to have the U2ers involved in something like this!
  2. I thought it would be in our profiles like the MP3 downloads, but nope...
  3. I had to go and find the original news article for the link, but it's here - https://www.u2.com/stream/LiveInBerlin
  4. Happy birthday Bono - wishing you good health and happiness. Thanks for giving us a great life!
  5. I feel very much the same way...
  6. If he can't have a real party, perhaps he should consider a virtual one on the Zoo. Look at this page count - it's clearly where all the action is!
  7. Welcome! I was 16 when I first joined a U2 community so I remember how it felt to be younger than most other people there. (I feel very old these days.) I love chatting about U2 but can rarely find people to do that with, so if you want to PM me or whatever, feel free! Or you could start some new discussion threads if you have any good ideas.
  8. WTF? I was a Propaganda subscriber before the Elevation Tour and I'm sure I didn't get any such ticket offer. (I know there was a U2.com presale that year but they never emailed me the code, so I had a struggle to get tickets in the general sale.)
  9. Heh, I also just watched the whole thing again while it's still available. I can't believe the Streets intro STILL reduces me to floods of tears every single time...
  10. That's what I meant in my comment, I checked that part and I don't see anything resembling Supermarket Sweep?
  11. Thank you so much for hosting this livestream and prompting me to watch the whole show again after far too long (life gets in the way). It hasn't lost any of its power - best concert film ever! Now to invent that time machine.....
  12. What the hell is the "Supermarket Sweep material" mentioned in the credits?? I don't see any gameshow footage during the channel-hopping and I can't think where else they would have used it!
  13. That falsetto on CHFIL, the most beautiful sound I've ever heard. It still amazes me every time I hear him successfully reach that top note. A little slice of heaven from our favourite devil. ❤️ The showman gives you front row to his heart...
  14. They couldn't have picked a better audience member for this dance - she's so natural, clearly over the moon but very respectful and performs her role perfectly. I've always found it lovely to watch.
  15. Surely Love Is Blindness is well overdue a comeback, in one form or another. I would be so thrilled to hear it live! Another of Edge's greatest ever guitar solos, not to mention what Larry is putting himself through...
  16. "And you give... and you give... and you give... and you give..." Hands down the greatest ever performance of With Or Without You. I really, really wish they would play it like this again. So heart-wrenching, so passionate, and what a climax!
  17. Lemon: the best performance of my very favourite U2 song. I don't have the words for how sublime this is. The world feels like a better place whenever I watch it. ❤️
  18. MacPhisto commenting on the newly-formed EU and how close we all are now... hmm... he should definitely do a follow-up 25 years later. You know, I've heard this speech a million times and I've only just noticed that almost every line connects back to the "TV" theme. Discovering new layers of brilliance even now!
  19. Adam forgetting about the money cannons and visibly jumping out of his skin will never stop being hilarious.
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