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  1. MacPhisto was Zoo TV (i.e. Achtung Baby and Zooropa). He's not appropriate for The Joshua Tree.
  2. Here's my best guess. Band typically plays between 24 - 26 songs. The Joshua Tree will take 11 slots. Edge doesn't think they will open with Streets, but they will play the entire album in order. I think they will go for some deeper and darker cuts that "go with the times we are in". They'll also stay away from some cuts that will be in the second run of the I&E Tour. Setlist: Desire VertIgo God Part II Seconds Where the Streets Have No Name I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For With or Without You Bullet the Blue Sky Running to Stand Still Red Hill Mining Town In God's Country Trip Through Your Wires One Tree Hill Exit Mothers of the Disappeared (Wild Applause) City of Blinding Lights A Sort of Homecoming Out of Control Pride (In the Name of Love) Beautiful Day Encore: Acrobat ("don't let the bastards get you down") One Bad 40 There are some substitutions that can be made to the set, mostly older material that reflects how they feel we've come full circle. So, not a lot from No Line or SOI. Looking forward to seeing them at Gillette in Boston in June. Have my GA tickets. I am disappointed that it's not the I&E Tour Round 2, supporting SOE. I think they're excuse is complete BS, and they're cowards for not releasing SOE as promised. But c'est la vie. U2 in concert on a bad night is better than most of the crap we're fed by lazy labels, promoters and radio stations.
  3. Ticketmaster has a big problem. I've got through for tix, only to be thrown out when completing the purchase! Has happened more than once...
  4. Mike, thanks for the post and the advice. No probs - you get some in the end? Yes, 2 GA Boston Night 1. Used the mobile app and had them in 5 min...
  5. Ah...yes. This could be like ZooTV, where they start with 6 or 7 from Somgs of Innocence, then dig into thei catalog, with encores from Songs of Experience... Oh... And please finally play Acrobat. We can dream out loud!
  6. Family of 4. All fans who want to go...together. U2 has been around for over 30 years. Us young kids now have families and like to share the Experience. Also, the last 2 indoor tours had a 4 tix limit. Imagine our surprise. It will be tough to bring the whole family...
  7. Took me 1.5hrs, getting booted off Ticketmaster over 10x with tickets in hand on the website. Got a tip to use the TM App on my phone, and had 2 GA tix to Boston 1 in less than 5 minutes. Can't stand that we could only get 2 tix for a show. Last 2 indoor tours it was a 4 tix limit. With the number of shows that U2 is probably going to add during the general sale, limiting us to 2 tix was not necessary.
  8. I agree. If we can merge the threads, we can show the scope of the discontent.
  9. Mark, well said. I agree that Bigwave is very helpful, as are all who look after the forums. My dealings with them have always positive, which is why I started this thread. I hope the feedback from multiple fans, not just one grump...me...will spur the U2 team into positive action. Maybe address your message to U2.com/ticket master then rather than one guy who is working his backside off helping people out Mike, you make my point. Bigwave helps us out and will take this info back to the people who can do something...I hope... TM would tell us to go bang... Where should we be giving feedback?
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