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  1. Keep trying with the standing tickets, dont phone themas you are wasting your breath (they just say they are not available) I eventually got mines booked
  2. Here is my take on the support acts......... Everywhere except the uk ........Royal Blood........... the uk.............. the crap we usually get, still cannot get how people raved about Glasvegas, Elbow (apart from 1 song). the best i have seen was Utah Saints at Parkhead. If it is Royal blood in the everywhere but the uk, all i will say is, i will be jealous
  3. I hope it is Royal Blood, the best album in 2014, (sorry but it is), by a long chalk....... seeing them with the Foos at Murrayfield , but would be fantastic to see them indoors as couldnt get a ticket for their latest glasgow gig for love nor money.... If you have not gave them a listen to , you must
  4. Oh Yeah weegie land here we come

  5. ohhh , the thought of the whole ACHTUNG BABY album would definetly be the dogs
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