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  1. Yay just got 2 more GAs for the final London gig in the general sale.
  2. I'm concerned for all the people that genuinely wont be able to go nearer the time. It would be terrible for that person to firstly not be able to attend and then for the ticket to go to complete waste when another fan could enjoy because they don't have the credit card and ID. There must be some process later on down the line where trades and re-sales can happen surely?
  3. celia

    Sold out London?

    I only got offered level 4 for 165 quid. so rejected that. Got GA for other date in presale will have to do for now.
  4. I don't think there is a need to get there too early looking at the stage but Ivan actually looking forward to sitting outside the venue for a few hours. Haven't done that for ages for a band.
  5. What on earth? That's terrible. Have you managed to sort it?
  6. Yes thanks to all moderators. You have been very informative and responding quickly to all our concerns.
  7. Its bound to be good whoever it is, but never as good as the main act haha!
  8. The o2 image had a thin long stage from end to end of the arena too which looks good for everyone!
  9. Yes thanks was a very smooth process. Now i can sleep like a baby tonight.... until Monday to try for more shows lol.
  10. Yeah i did the same. I used my first presale for London then moved to New Zealand and got to see them in Auckland. Hope i get a repeat of that and maybe an Oz show this time too!
  11. I got 2 GA tickets. SO relieved. For some reason it gave me 2 red zone to start with and i said search again and was back in the waiting room freaking out that i should have just taken them but then shortly back and got the two GA which has helped my wallet. Still hope to get red zone on another date maybe though. Hope everyone else is doing ok. I think the waiting room seems to help things although it feels like waiting in a doctors waiting room!!
  12. well this all sounds like a good start.... London starts soon eeeee!
  13. I have butterflies - 15 mins to go...
  14. I hope we get another code for each leg and fingers crossed for the rest of the world in 2016. Hopefully it will be like the last tour.
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