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    depends on the mood?
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  1. Had 2 weeks off...now back to work tomorrow........bugger!
  2. I think we're all just a mad,badass,but cool dysfunctional family...a kind of U2 equivilent to The Waltons?
  3. For me it has to be Streets....was one of those rare "hair stood up on back of neck moments"!
  4. [quote name='johngee wrote: peaceloveu2']I am 18 and I became a fan after watching Rattle and Hum nearly 2 years ago. I was definitely not raised on U2; I discovered them on my own. I'd say 90% of the music that I listen to is older than I am! But it really bugs me when I hear old geezers (and sometimes not the older generations) say that this generation's music is crap. Times change, music changes. There may very well have been a golden age of music. But that doesn't mean that the music needs to stop! I consider myself a relatively "old "geezer and I can honestly say I appreciate
  5. Having just sampled some fine Indian cuisine,and now just chilling with some equally fine wine,can I just say one is happy at this moment in time
  6. I consider myself a relatively "old "geezer and I can honestly say I appreciate most kinds of music,in fact I must confess to being a bit of a Trance addict/Techno head,I embarass my kids sometimes..LOL!..I must be one of few parents who get told to turn down the music by their kids!Love Tiesto,Van Buuren,anything that thumps really...louder the better!Having been to a few U2 gigs,I am amazed at the range of ages of people at these gigs and hope it continues for a long time to come.
  7. Mr Brightside (Thin White Duke Remix) - The Killers
  8. Loved The Green Mile,one of the few films that have done a Stephen King novel justice.
  9. I myself am waaaay past my teens!LOL! But my son (in my pic beside me) is 18 and is a huge U2 fan and has been to last two tours with me.Was fun watching him in awe of his first concert during the Vertigo tour.
  10. LMAO! We should have more of this on here,I tink we all need a liitle fun
  11. Just watched "The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest"... awesome and a fitting end to a brilliant trilogy! Also cant wait for "Rise Of The Planet of Apes!" looks fab!
  12. "A bunch of little sh**s .......and no matter how much the psycho-babblers pretend otherwise,no matter how hard politicians look for "the deeper causes",thats all they are,these hordes wrecking cities and lives...a bunch of little sh**s." A quote from a newspaper today...and I totally agree.They do it because they can,and nobody does a thing,they get all these do-gooders and molly-coddlers coming out with all sorts of excuses that society is to blame....BULLS**T! I watched news other day and this teenage girl was there screaming at TV cameras,trying so hard to justify all that went on,saying
  13. Dangerous Power - Gabriel & Dresden ft.Jan Burton
  14. Like Bono said at the end of the Rattle & Hum tour..."we're gonna go and dream it up all over again". They'll be back.
  15. Do you remember the belly dancer from the Zoo TV Tour?......well that was me and I was called Lois,some baby with a laser gun threatened to kill me if I didn't do it....
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