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  1. A friend has 2 extra tickets for 6/4 show. GA seats, face value, cc entry. Please let me know if you're interested. My friend will be there to get you into the show.
  2. i would call the United Center about it. My buddy and I went to U2 at Soldier Field and he was on crutches after a biking accident, and he called them and they swapped out his tickets (i think GA tix) for Wheelchair Accessible good lower level seats...
  3. jcarey72

    Which hotel?

    Getting a taxi after the show will be a pain. You may want to consider Uber. As far as hotels, i like Embassy Suites on State St in downtown Chicago. There are some hotels near Ohare too, and in the town of Rosemont which isn't too far from The United Center.
  4. tickets go on sale Monday, 10am cst http://www.u2.com/news/title/due-to-overwhelming-demand
  5. I would like to go GA on the first night. Please let me know... i currently have an extra GA ticket for the 2nd show too if you'd like to trade. cc entry means you need the cc and ID that matches name on the cc when you enter the show...
  6. I like Embassy Suites. it's in a fun area...
  7. I have 2 GA tickets from the presale for the second night (cc entry). I am willing to take someone if they will take me to the first night GA. Not sure how we can work this out with the cc entry and all, but i'm willing to give it a go. The best way i think would be to trust you to show up and have me pay you $80 when you get me into the show the first night - and you'd have to trust me to be there for you the 2nd night where you'd return my $80... If you were a no show the first night, it'd be a wasted trip for me. If you were a no show the second night, it'd be too late to take a friend but i could probably sell the ticket to someone just before the show, I'd think... Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks. Long Time U2 fan
  8. my search on the first night for a single GA ticket turned up Sec 304 Row 9, Seats 20. gonna pass on that... i got 2 presale GA tix for second night. maybe i can find someone to trade me a GA ticket for the first night for a GA ticket for the second night...
  9. i pulled up sec108 row 16 but $291 was too much for me. i was hoping for a single GA...
  10. in the second tab i had going for a single ticket for lower level or GA, sec 108 row 16 came up, but i can't pay $291, so i passed. my original tab is still in queue with 2 minutes to go (for the last 40 min)...for 2 GA tix. pretty sure those will turn up nothing by now...
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