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  1. I would have said Milan after they cocked it up last time on the Vertigo Tour but it is too early in the tour so I'm going to plump for Dublin 2.
  2. Unfortunately you're reading too much into this song as it is plainly a plea from Bono regarding the ongoing safety of U2's older fans when in theirhomes on their own. I have summarised it as such.... What signs to look out for.... Unknown callers may be smartly dressed, young or old, male or female and may claim to be from the council, the police, gas, water or electricity companies.Sometimes they may want to use the phone or ask for a drink of water. If you are not expecting the caller (otherwise known as the unknown caller), remember to: * use a security bar or chain * chec
  3. $55 tickets are GA (pitch standing) so if you want a seat then don't go for these.
  4. rm1978


    My GA's were 55 UK pounds which I think that is approx. 60 Euro at current exchange rates. All US GA are $55 which is considerably less than 55 UK pounds.
  5. joshthetree wrote: OPEN LETTER TO LARRY... Can you get me access to the paid site (yes I do have a paid account) as these free boards are shitty and full of eejits asking numpty newbie questions. Itried asking the tech support people via the HELP button but they never reply to me. Cheers mate I owe you one
  6. timski wrote: I was thinking, I wonder what song they will open to on tour, I'll plump for Wake Up by Arcade Fire. I don't know why but I can feel it in my waters.
  7. I like my Black Eyed Peas with loads of vinegar.
  8. barks wrote: waiting for tix for the Toronto show. whats the thought on best area to be around the stage? this'll be my first atempt at a presale and online,..was it fairly easy? I would go for GA standing tickets if you want to get near to the stage. Haven't seen any disaster stories yet regarding the presales for the UK shows this time around so hopefully everybody got what they wanted, unlike theVertigo fiasco in Jan 2005. My own experience was super smooth from the moment I got in to the TM site, choosing the number/type of tickets I wanted, enteringthe presale code and finally
  9. Presale was only for Milan 1 not Milan 2. If you want tickets for Milan 2 then it looks like it will have to be through the public sale.
  10. Bagged myself 4 x GA's for Sheffield no problems and super smooth.
  11. It is access to the Red zones that are being auctioned off to the highest bidder and not GA seating. The Red zones are on either side of the stage whilst GAseating are tier 1 seats that you can access with a GA ticket such as at Cardiff.
  12. rm1978

    Rip Off!

    Welcome to the world of Livenation. Now that they have merged with Ticketmaster then expect to pay those sort of prices for every big show in the future. Personally I couldn't afford the seating tickets this time around so I went for GA's at £55 and as I paid £45 for my Vertigo GA's then I don'tconsider a £10 hike in 4 years too bad all things considered.
  13. My experience is that if you want to actually see the band members then you need GA tickets as even in the best seats you will need to use the screens.
  14. You shouldn't be messing about with CD's whilst driving you naughty person you.
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