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  1. How come we never hear Larry on U2x radio? 

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    2. Andyfff


      I agree. His absence is alarming...

    3. Tabitha_Coverstone



      I agree. His absence is alarming...

      Do you think he’s not well or something?

      I was thinking that maybe radio isn’t his thing or maybe he has found his niche. 

      He seems like a pretty straightforward guy and I could totally see the four of them discussing the radio gig and Larry saying, “It’s all good with me as long as I’m not involved.” 😂

      Do you think it’s possible he’s not comfortable with radio for some reason—like how I LOVE public speaking, but will nearly have a panic attack if I have to call someone on the phone.

      Even if that’s the case, I wish he’d do a one off or something. I’ve been surprised by how funny Adam, The Edge, and Bono are.  Larry seems like he’d be hilarious—or at least my kind of hilarious.

      I hope he’s well and happy.  I hope everyone is well and happy—yourself included. 🙂


    4. Andyfff


      I don't think he's sick or anything like that, and I wouldn't think its a privacy thing. Yes even a one-off comment or interview would be nice. I can't begin to guess his reasons, as long as he's not tired of being in U2...

  2. Damn this album! I can't stop listening. The Little Things That Give You Away.... wow. Just wow. The song goes through my head on a continuous loop.
  3. I have listened to SoE several times through now, and somehow I don't know how but the album captures how I feel during the times we are living through.  

    I give it ten thumps up.  

  4. Ticket prices are insane.  The section I sat in last time is now $660 a ticket?!   WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!

    $745 for two tickets on the upper level?  SERIOUSLY!?! !

  5. z00ropa


    I'm sure it's been asked, but I can't find it on the forum. Have any of the singles for the Songs of Innocence been released on CD?
  6. Yep, two tickets at Forum on May 30th. No problems, except I hate the way ticketmaster works. Now I just have to sell a kidney to pay for the $630 bill .
  7. $632 for two tickets, with one days notice.... ouch. I look at is a once every 4 or 5 year expense so that's how I justify it, but man it does sting the wallet...
  8. After listening to it over and over again since release I give it GREAT. Songs for Someone, Every Breaking Wave, The Miracle I can't get them out of my head.
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