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  1. I guess I'm just one of the few who just doesn't quite get Mercy and all the uproar over it... Everyone I've shown it to, doesn't really like it either - and they are all U2 fans of considerable degrees. Meh, oh well.
  2. Don't worry! Everyone here in Canada will be working when it broadcasts so you're definitely not alone. I really hope they will replay it as well.
  3. I always knew the 2 CD edition didn't have it. But that sucks man. I'm sure they'll release the full version (the version in the deluxe sets is edited) on DVD/Blu-ray pretty soon here. Wait... you are talking about the 2 CD set right?!
  4. Interesting opinion! I believe the era of mega rock bands is over and that the further we progress into the future, the smaller musical acts will become. It seems people are simply too concerned with their individuality rather than artistic value these days. People have nothing else to do! We're by far the most entitled generation of the last couple centuries it seems. P.S. I'm also 21.
  5. I would order it from another retailer but no one else is selling it for even remotely the same price amazon.ca was - my bill was $325 including GST (shipping was free). Damn!
  6. Yep. I ordered mine on August 17th - been delayed until December 13th. Has anyone seen any of the Uber Deluxe Editions floating around any HMVs or record stores in Canada? Where could I buy it physically, if anywhere? Because the stores around where I live never get stuff like this ever.
  7. Sorry I haven't received mine yet. But I was wondering: I've been hearing comments about certain scenes missing from the DVD of FROM THE SKY DOWN. Anyone know if this is true? I haven't even seen the film on VOD/BBC yet so I wouldn't be able to tell for myself anyways.
  8. Coldplay is to U2 as Oasis is to The Beatles.
  9. Mich40 I agree with the Dr. Robert part. Razspazz, I've never seen a single other thing by Taymor and I don't exactly see that happening in the foreseeable future haha. I'm just interested in experiencing U2's music in some different form of medium.
  10. How awesome would it be to see a musical film done in the vein of Julie Taymor's "Across The Universe" but focusing on the music of U2 instead? If you where to make it, what would the story be and which songs would you choose to advance the plot? I think I would open the film with a very brief introduction of the setting and main character, a young man or a woman who's unfulfilled and trapped in the mediocrity of everyday life, then really kick into gear with "Where The Streets Have No Name". Of course the film would feature many characters; a junkie (featured in No Line On The Horizon), a
  11. I'm pretty sure that's not Bono. Actually I'm certain of it... don't know what's up with the article at @U2...
  12. You are so right it's not even funny. Hopefully, we get all three concept albums that have been in the works for a while now. That should tide us over for a little bit. What we really need is a super-long mega double album from them. I have always wanted to see them come out with one but they never have and probably won't. Bono thought the problem with No Line was that it was too long - I think the problem is it wasn't long enough! That record should have had at least a couple more songs on it to flesh it out completely.
  13. If I can buy merch before hand while we're still in line, as Carol and Mamur have said, then I think that would work best. Also, do the merch stands usually take credit cards? I'm a little wary about having hundreds of dollars of cash in my wallet during the show (I recently had my wallet full of cash stolen in Mexico, so I'm still a little paranoid).
  14. Thanks for the replies guys! I can't wait for the show and will be sure to check out these caps!
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