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  1. Same here. Yesterday's email from An Post and delivered today. Better late than never. All the original details (custom value, sender etc etc) had been covered from last sticker (interpost returns in Portaloise) so nothing paid.
  2. That's it. Just checked mine. Departed from Dublin the day after leaving Newark.
  3. 16/08/2021 20:00 Shipment Delivered to USPS, Package Acceptance Pending JAMAICA, NY, United States And still waiting {in Ireland) I just filled in the help form.
  4. If you didn't select the option shipping with tracking at the time of your order it is really impossible to provide one because it's totally different service (and cost). Good luck you get it quickly 😁
  5. Sorry to be late for my update. After almost 3 months I got everything. It took me a lot of patience, emails webforms and live chats. Never used phone calls just because I wanted to have written proof of what they were saying. Thanks God I chose the shipping with tracking number. The main trick at least for me I think it was to find out they have a live chat which I understand can not be the best option for people living on the other side of the planet. You need to create an account here https://faq.bsimerch.com/hc/en-us Certainly the moment we're living in now it's not of great help for shipping but it looks like bsimerch.com (formerly known or aka backstreet merchandise) has a long story of poor customer service. I wish the best of luck to each and everyone for your order. Just don't give up 👍🏻
  6. Hey I used contact form from here, from bsimerch.com, their live chat, everything but phone calls. Thanks for your reply
  7. Fanfire was not the best for the shop but this bsimerch.com is even worse. Still waiting from October 31st. Got several mails from them each time postponing the shipping for some reason. Last one was order out by the end of last week. My order status is still UNFULFILLED. Waiting 24h more than I'll ask for a refund.
  8. Here I am, answering to the mods roll call. Last stop of the decade. And what decade it was!!! I was not around lately but nevertheless I haven't forgotten any of you. Let's enjoy the show and fingers crossed for more to come 😘
  9. Thanks everyone for the feeds pics stories posts comments U2 are alive and kicking Long live U2
  10. In a perfect world we should wake up each Saturday morning with U2 concert to listen to live from the Universe
  11. Why the kitty cat band aid? 😁
  12. I got it perfectly right. Just Trying during a presale makes things harder for the actual buyers You make queue longer and you might have grabbed the last 3 ga and someone else might have given up in buying or forced to buy something different 😉 I do hope everyone got what was looking for
  13. That's totally unfair towards people trying for real Not to mention you might have invalidate your presale code
  14. Custom charges are never included in the price, not only for u2.com store When you don't pay for, it's just out of luck
  15. The discount coupon is only one per subscription per year and can be redeemed just once I don't understand what you mean for this time. Shipping is not 10%,can't tell how they charge FOR. Recently I ordered 3 tshirts for a total of 75 GBP and I had to pay 9.99GBP. If for international fees you mean custom fee, well that's normal when you receive goods from abroad like out of the States or EC
  16. I paid in GBP (prices are better than those in €) The only option for the shipping was Royal mail But still they shipped from USA Waiting to see if I'll be charged for custom
  17. Got it a couple of days ago Maybe you should check your spam folder
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