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  1. Now featuring The Ground Beneath Her Feet (at least for those that didn't have that track included upon the album's initial release back in 2000).
  2. Happy Birthday to LMJ, the co-founder of the great band known as U2.
  3. All the best, Zootops! Hoping for many good and fun times ahead!
  4. This was a great closer here. Tremendous song (tops from ATYCLB for me).
  5. The Elevation Tour DVDs had my favourite transitions into Streets (Bad/40 here, and AIWIY for Slane Castle).
  6. Bad would be just behind UTEOTW as my favourite live song.
  7. IWF is great for bringing the energy, anywhere it's placed in the setlist.
  8. Definitely back-to-back songs here that need a return to the live set. Here's hoping, as they've both eluded me so far. Solid performance of Gone here. Edit: make that back-to-back-to-back. Love NY too!
  9. Always my favourite song to hear live.
  10. The one that started it all! Stellar debut. OOC is still my standout track from here.
  11. Tremendous tour opener. Returned some great songs to the setlist.
  12. History making show tonight! Sounds incredible! Welcome to the setlist, Acrobat.
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