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  1. History making show tonight! Sounds incredible! Welcome to the setlist, Acrobat.
  2. Show's almost done, but wonder if we'll get anything not played yet on this tour tonight?...Or IWF will be played. More than fine with that!
  3. Would love both, but will settle for either. The Fly isn't played enough, never tire of UTEOTW.
  4. Tour time again, love it. Bring on the first show and setlist!
  5. One Angel Of Harlem Walk On Until The End Of The World Bullet The Blue Sky Cedarwood Road Gone Out Of Control Unknown Caller The Wanderer/Bad (tie)
  6. Definitely hoping A Sort Of Homecoming finds a permanent spot in the setlist for this tour.
  7. Great show to end a great first leg of the tour. Big thanks to everyone for their efforts throughout!
  8. Unforgettable two nights! Loved hearing Out Of Control, Bad, Desire, Angel Of Harlem and All I Want Is You for the first time. Acrobat and Stephanie were both phenomenal. Great crowds too and WOWY last night was definitely special. Was fortunate to get a setlist and a confetti passage. Thanks U2 for two awesome shows!
  9. Was soundchecked today, yes. Would be great to hear it tonight as I think it'll go over well live. If not tonight, it shouldn't be far off though.
  10. Not as sure now about TCB tonight. Unless they play it just before WOWY?
  11. Pleasantly surprised to hear LH. Thought The Crystal Ballroom would've been played first of the two.
  12. So great tonight with Volcano, Ordinary Love and The Troubles!
  13. Awesome concert. Great to have 40 back in there!
  14. Brilliant! Wish I were there. Of course, I also completely agree with the suggestion above of having this as a sub gift.
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