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  1. Ok, I missed that goal. Should've read that. I understand and respect this kind of perspective. .I'm personally not interested in that community thing, I'm just curious for new and/or unseen things. Maybe an idea for U2..com to sell these upgraded/upscaled shows in blu-ray format just for fanclub members?
  2. Totally not excited or interested. Yet ANOTHER stream of something we have already dozen of times in our faults.... Yes, u2.com is very original in putting things online fans already have or have seen a lot of times. More artists come up with exciting, original material.
  3. That's exactly what I think. We've had beautiful deluxe packages in the past, now, with those streams there has come an end to the great fun of collecting. I would've paid for a decent 4kbluray , with Nice artwork AND extras. And I know I'm not the only one here. Streamings, ok, but let the fans choose. Same with the ZooTV stream. Sell a BluRay, with extras as well. Bluray isn't dead. There are lots of bands releasing in this format. Depeche Mode is releasing a beautiful package in June. I don't know where this management is going to but one thing is for sure, my fun in looking forward to fysic releases is over and with that definately some interest in this band. Hope the mods will get these signals to their bosses: management and band. But I think the poor releasing strategy will not come to an end. Unfortunately.
  4. A cd-version of these RSD-release would be great.....
  5. Who is making these bad decisions??? They don't exactly know what fans want. Money is the problem. U2 is a multinational moneygrabbing organisation instead of a creative, social band. They better invest in a happy fanbase. I don't blame the band, but I blame their 'bosses'/Live Nation. I'd wish they had signed to a smaller label. Depeche Mode, Marillion are bands that release the right things in the right way to their fans. Metallica is doing great things for their fans too: https://www.nme.com/news/music/metallica-vinyl-club-subscription-launch-2620511
  6. I don't get the fact why this great big band as u2 isn't capable to just release a concert in different formats. Depeche Mode had a film, a stream and a dvd/bluray-release of their Spirit in the forest tour. A band who is doing a lot for its fanbase is Marillion. They know what their fans want: physical releases in dvd bluray and cd format. U2 does not , I mean their company.
  7. Great solution. I hope there will be a super deluxe set with blu ray for sale in the near future like the I&E live from Paris. I would be very disappointed if there will be not...
  8. There's an extra february day!!!! Fingers crossed. There's plenty of time for u2.com to announce all details about the E&I dvd or hopefully blu-ray......🙈🤣🤣🤣 I hope I'm wrong, but I think the promise to mail the subscribers with info in february will be broken....
  9. 2 albums in the last 4 years??? 2 albums in the whole decade! We were spoilt with a lot of touring, that's great (and what great tours they were!!!)An extra album would've been better than 'only' two albums. SOE took far more time than planned. I remember the endless wait for SOI (because SOA was planned as a quick follow up to NLOTH) and SOE. About the fanclub: they do a lot of great things , but there are things that could be done better. Passing deadlines, delivery problems, lack of downloads., lack of newsupdates in times of no touring..
  10. Would be great of there's a part of Noel Gallagher's Beautiful world is included!
  11. What an incredible anti-climax this afternoon..... Bringing announcements like these there should be at least a mention of a NEW release (album/bestof/dvd/bluray). Poor management...
  12. Last week I was surprised to hear Sunday Bloody Sunday at the end of episode 5 season 3. Great! But I think 'Acrobat' would have fit much better in that scene!!! Man that song should have been the main theme if this series. It would make the band 'hot' again!
  13. Why does it always take so long for something being announced? The shows down under, but also the dvd-releases from tjt and E&I ... The news from the website hasn't been updated since a month... And that was completely irrelevant news... It's also very quiet on the fanclub cd front. Why not release a new download?
  14. What a great song and remix is this....
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