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  1. Nope, I said I am hoping for the documentary to be remastered in 4k/ full hd.
  2. I think Angel of Harlem will get the fullHD 1080p treatment. When love comes to town could be a 4K video as well. Hope both videos of that song will be remastered.
  3. Well, next up is Desire isn't it? All the vids for JT are remastered by now. I think the only 4k remaster this time will be All I want is you I think.
  4. After the disappointing remaster for One Tree Hill, we're right on track with this one. Spanish eyes, great song, great vid. Hope 'Outside it's America will get the full HD treatment too.
  5. First of the remastered videos that disappoint a bit. Great song, but this song should've had a proper video. Quality not great. They'd better used the original 35mm footage and give it the 4k treatment. I wonder if the Spanish eyes video will appear in high quality.
  6. Where the streets....Another great 4k-release!! Hope God's Country and Spanish Eyes will get the 4k treatment too and... why not the whole Outside it's America Documentary!!!
  7. Hope they don't forget 'In God's Country' and 'Spanish eyes'. But better remaster 'Outside its America' as a whole.
  8. Great to have their best song in HD!! Unfortunately it didn't get the full 4k treatment as Pride did.
  9. Best remastered video so far!!!🤩🤩🤩
  10. All these formats should be available forever, just like books. Streaming is ok, but to be depending on a provider, internetquality etc. etc. Nice for discovering new music, but for new and high resolution audio/video cd's/dvd's/blu-rays/vinyls should be there for collectors. It would be a very dull world for the real musicfan/collector. So very pleased the gift is a cd again and for the die-hard digital fans there's a download too!!
  11. Great u2.com!!!! Thankful it's also on cd and not streaming or download only! Thank U!!!!!
  12. Great these newly remastered videos, I'm curious what's next!!
  13. Still annoyed we didnt get ANY full hd or 4K releases at all. They could've released all their concert videos on blu ray. The Boston show should've been released in full hd along the boxset for ATYCLB.
  14. I was very disappointed to hear that there would be hardly any interesting material included. However, I was curious to hear the new mixes. I actually liked the new mixes on the Joshua Tree deluxe set... BUT again VERY DISAPPOINTED. When I look at the world is completely ruined. Oh yes, the photobook is great. But the tracklisting could've been so much better. Take a look at Prince's Sign of the times superdeluxe issue.
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