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  1. Still annoyed we didnt get ANY full hd or 4K releases at all. They could've released all their concert videos on blu ray. The Boston show should've been released in full hd along the boxset for ATYCLB.
  2. I was very disappointed to hear that there would be hardly any interesting material included. However, I was curious to hear the new mixes. I actually liked the new mixes on the Joshua Tree deluxe set... BUT again VERY DISAPPOINTED. When I look at the world is completely ruined. Oh yes, the photobook is great. But the tracklisting could've been so much better. Take a look at Prince's Sign of the times superdeluxe issue.
  3. Well, I buy cd's... Hope they will be hip again as vinyl did come back. Most deluxe boxes come with a blu ray with HD and multichannel recordings. The best quality around. This week sees the release of Ultravox Vienna and Tears for Fears ' seeds of love. A lot more exciting than ATYCLB, though u2's packaging is superior, the price is a lot higher.
  4. I hope they keep coming with these releases. These are great. And great for collectors too.
  5. Admitting packaging looks great. Photobook by Anton is the only thing worth buying for me tough. But 100 euros is too much for only the book and the package alone. U2/universal should have taken a look at the new Prince 'Sign of the times' deluxe box. I would've paid double if the ATYCLB-box would've been like this.
  6. Well, I buy them and there are a lot of collectors who buy them too. Vinyl is out there too. There is still a market for these things. The age of streaming kills the fun of collecting. Also hoping that concerts will disappear from the net in case of broadcasting rights... Streaming ok, but why no collectors issues???
  7. Exactly this, Numb video remix intro. They've turned 180 degrees....
  8. Wrong again u2!! Was very excited when I heard the rumours. Now we get a big sized box with only 4, yes FOUR(!!!!!)new mixes. That's some achievement. They sell the same stuff again and again. They should listen to the start oftheir remix-video for Numb. No respect for fans, it's for the money again.... o yes, of course, how stupid I am... Where has this great innovative band gone...
  9. Should've been released already. Pfffff..... c'mon u2, let's surprise the fans....
  10. Hope this boxset will be released! Although I think it's not their best album. And hope this time without a videorelease we already have, unless it's remastered in HD. Lots of artists are releasing deluxe albums/boxsets these days. Universal did that for u2 but could do much beter and more regularly. Still waiting for collector issues for Rattle and Hum and Pop and a future release of HTdaab with.....Mercy.....finally....
  11. Nice to hear it's upscaled!!... And Yes, release it already in this blu ray format please.... Not wanting to be dependent of providers, slow internet, temporarly showing, etc etc.. . The collectors want to be part of the fun!! Call your bosses at Universal and upscale the u2-collection in HD for blu ray releases!!!
  12. I 've got the dvd today. This time I got the item a lot sooner than last years gift. But at least.... it arrived but it feels not great there are a lot of people who hadn't received the gift or last years gift. I got the same troubles years ago and after contacting problems were always solved. So keep contacting if things didn't arrive. I was complaining about the fact that there will not be a blu -ray version of the show with extras for commercial market (and I still do regret that) but this dvd has the best picture quality in dvd-terms with great sound also. Well done and after all
  13. Great to hear it appears in the Netherlands already. Shipping seems to be organised a lot better this time.
  14. Nice ro hear they are received already in some places. Can somebody tell me if the quality of the concert is great in DVD-terms? I know it's not 1080p (still a shame) but I like to know if it's viewable.
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