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  1. That exactly what I think! But who is listening to these great suggestions. We've already mentioned it several times. Even physical commercial releases from unreleased shows seem to be a no go... and....we will pay for them too!
  2. Maybe the first version could get a remaster too??
  3. Well, tomorrow it's october!!! While a lot of boxset releases are being announced (Bowie, Depeche Mode 101, REM etc etc) we are getting......still nothing???!!! Oh yes a rsd vinyl release.... What's going on in the u2-world? Come on , there's a lot of material to release.
  4. Hope they resume posting videos from their albums this coming week. Still miss the Vertigo video and Original of the Species (two versions) video. And when when will the HMTMKMKM-video online?
  5. Well, here we are, the end of september. Many Deluxe boxsets from a lot of artists are being announced or released. And what's in the can for U2-fans?? Shall we get another 24Hour digital release of a concert we already own??? Come on U2!!!!! Release something worthwhile an to look forward to. Especially in these days we hardly have news on band activities. Today marks the 45th anniversary of the band. Could've been a great opportunity to announce something big..
  6. Totally unfair this! I'm lucky I live in the Netherlands, so didn't have to pay these taxes for the fantastic gifts. I think it's f**cking shit that all those merch is being sold in the US!!!!! U2 is an band from the EU and does have an office in Amsterdam so they have to pay low taxes. Why not an office in Europe/Ireland for selling merch or sending fan gifts? Is it that difficult?? Bring back Principle Management to Dublin!!!
  7. Hope we'll get the video of the movie-version in HD too or better 4KšŸ˜
  8. Got the gift today. Really great package!!! Thanks a lot u2.com. Had ordered the premium subscription for an extra dvd e&i Berlin, so I was very nervous about the taxes here in The Netherlands... But I did'nt have to pay taxes at all!
  9. I'm holding my breath for the taxprice in the Netherlands.... The gifts should have been sent out in Europe. U2 's office is housed in Amsterdam because of the low taxes!!!
  10. Happy birthday The Edge!!šŸŽ‰šŸŽŠšŸŽ‚
  11. See it the posolitive way, the new gift will be announced in the coming months!!!šŸ˜œ
  12. So, do it the best (worldwide broadcast) or do nothing. It feels like ignoring the Rest of the world. Poor marketing. Or just great marketing....$$$$$$$$$
  13. The last years learnt not to be too optimistic about releases/rereleases/anniversary's....sadly.
  14. Adam Clayton appeared on the @Rockonteurs podcast and talked about their future plans. They've recorded acoustic versions from the backcatalolgue. That's something I'm not very excited about.... in my opinion the band is not great in doing these stripped down versions. And, after a while, it would be great to get new, fresh u2 songs. Or releases that 've been shelved for a long time (studiorecordings from Mercy, North Star, Boy falls... etc. Etc.). Songs of Ascent would've been exactly the right thing to release in these weird times without touring. By the way what happened to the Heartland, JT30 movie? Cinemas opened their doors months ago. In short: there would've been a lot to look forward to, but the news about recordings of acoustic songs is (again) a great disappointment.
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