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  1. I like the idea of a video of a show as subscriber gift but I agree that DVD is really outdated. If they were looking to cut costs maybe throw a digital code for an HD version and just send the booklet. Still not as bad as that Duets one or whatever it was called. I don't even want to justify its existence by looking up the correct name.......
  2. Not a set list but rather an ideal moment that I’ve had in my head since they announced the tour- They keep the “intermission” portion but this time, instead of Invisible kicking off the second half, it’s “Numb”. It’ll never happen but you can’t fault me for dreaming.
  3. I thought this whole verified fan thing was to prevent scalping. However, I just saw that there are Verified resale GA's for the Boston show on Ticketmaster for $295. Last I checked, the face value of GA's is under $100 before fees. So I did some digging. I went and looked up "scalping" on dictionary.com and it defined it as follows -"to resell (tickets, merchandise, etc.) at higher than the official rates". Now admittedly I am no mathematician but I do have a calculator built right into my trusty old laptop and I plugged those two prices in. The results were troubling to say the least. It would seem that $295 is indeed a greater sum than the face value of these tickets. That being the case, wouldn't that be scalping? Not only scalping but scalping that is sanctioned by the very company that said it was trying to prevent it from happening? I would swear that Satan himself was the CEO of Ticketmaster but I honestly think he'd probably find it too sleazy of a company for even him.
  4. Blackout would be a great opener. I really don’t like American Soul at all.
  5. Same here. I had GA’s for Boston less than 5 minutes after the Experience group presale began. I remember thinking, “Wow, they’ve finally got a good system going now”. And then I started reading all the posts. From the looks of it, this one was worse than the Vertigo debacle.
  6. I get the same error if I try to connect when I'm on my work VPN. Have to disconnect in order to access it.
  7. I couldn't believe how fast the process was for the Boston show. 2 GA tix bought and paid for within 4 minutes of the pre-sale starting. When they announced the whole Verified Fan thing, I admit I was fearing the worst. But, I wound up being very impressed with how smoothly it went.
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